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Employment Discrimination Against LGBT People Still High in New York

New York FlagEmployment discrimination is a problem throughout the United States, and recent statistics from the New York State Division of Human Rights is showing that the problem is not going away as the recession ends. The employment law firm Tully Rinkey PLLC obtained from the DHR the information that shows just how many complaints of discrimination based on sexual orientation have been made in recent years.

According to the information, New York has more complaints about sexual orientation discrimination than they did prior to the beginning of the recession. This does not necessarily mean that there are more incidents of sexual orientation workplace discrimination, but that there just happen to be more reported.

While the United States lacks protections for LGBT workers, New York’s Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination Act bans workplace discrimination against people based upon their sexual orientation.

In 2012, there were 257 complaints of sexual orientation workplace discrimination filed with the DHR. This was down from the high it reached in 2009, but still higher than in 2007.

Tully Rinkey PLLC Associate Michael W. Macomber stated “When it comes to fighting sexual orientation employment discrimination, New York is ahead of the curve. It’s important for members of the LGBT community to know state law prohibits employers from discriminating against them on the basis of their sexual orientation when it comes to hiring, firing, compensation, and in terms, conditions, or privileges of employment.”

LGBT workplace discrimination has been in the headlines lately with the latest push to get the Employment Non-Discrimination Act passed on the federal level. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely until to pass given the Republican’s adamant insistence that people be allowed to discriminate against others.



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