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Faith2Action’s Typical Anti-Gay Fear Mongering Aimed At Boy Scouts

Emblem of the Boy Scouts of America

Emblem of the Boy Scouts of America

Perhaps I am just cynical at this point, but I have had to wonder whether or not these people actually believe what they say about gays, or do they just sit around thinking of what they can say to scare straight people into being homophobic? In this case, Faith2Action’s Janet Porter decided to use the normal spiel of pedophile gays are out to get your kids to try and scare people about the recent decision by the Boy Scouts to allow gay scouts.

Porter claims that “the last secular organization has capitulated to the homosexual agenda. While they’re keeping out the homosexual predator scoutmasters they’re allowing these confused children who are sexually attracted to other boys to go camping with your son in the same tent.”

Oh, and she claimed that it is akin to the Girl Scouts opening up camping trips to boys.

Apparently these people never quite get the idea that there are already gay Boy Scouts out there and that they are already sharing tents with ‘your son’. The thing is, ‘your son’ doesn’t know that, now does he? As for the pedophile scoutmasters, almost every institution that has access to children has pedophiles. Are we going to shut down the Catholic Church because of the pedophile priests that are there? Are we going to shut down the schools?

How about this, we shut down opposite-sex marriage because there are some parents out there who sexually molest their children.

The Girl Scouts have already opened up their doors to lesbian scouts ages ago, and even to transsexual scouts. So far, we haven’t heard of a rash of pedophile lesbians attacking troops of Girl Scouts or any other real problems.

They probably exist, but they aren’t all that common.



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