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Fischer Furious Over New Yorker Muppet Mayhem

1016039_10151722154891350_398186851_nIt should not be surprising that the cover of the recent New Yorker celebrating the Supreme Court decisions gutting the Defense of Marriage Act and ending Prop 8 has upset the likes of Bryan Fischer. After all, anything put up by the “tony, elitist New Yorker magazine, read by those who fancy themselves our moral and intellectual superiors” is going to upset Fischer, but the use of the iconic Bert and Ernie is apparently just one step too far.

Never mind the fact that most Conservatives have been using Bert and Ernie to attack Sesame Street for some time claiming that the two Muppets are gay. As Fischer notes that the two Muppets “according to Sesame Street ‘have no sexual orientation.’”

Fischer then goes on to write that:

This is shameless, using figures who are iconic to children to promote sexual deviancy. And worse, it is dangerous and irresponsible.

According to the most extensive research on the subject ever done, Mark Regnerus of the University of Texas concluded that adults who grow up in homosexual households fare worse on 77 of 80 outcomes compared to children raised in an intact biological family.

(For those who wish to discredit Regnerus, save your breath. UT’s research integrity officer investigated 8 charges against Regnerus’s research and found that “none of the allegations … were substantiated.”)

Actually, Fischer makes a very invalid point here. Regnerus did not violate the ethics of the University of Texas, but that does not mean that his research is valid. You see, the two are different things. Fischer just wants them to be the same because it means he can continue to spew on about the whole thing.

Regnerus’ research has been discredited not upheld by his academic peers who have thoroughly debunked and destroyed his research. The American Sociological Association even went so far as to denounce Regnerus’ study in the highest courts in the land because of how inaccurate and flawed it is.

From this point, Fischer goes on to cite a bunch of baloney from Regnerus. The thing is, Regnerus did not actually investigate or study children raised by same-sex couples. Instead, it studied families where the child suspected or knew that one of their parents was lesbian or gay, and were in a marriage with someone who was straight. The information was completely anecdotal in nature as well, and Regnerus cherry picked his data.

While not officially unethical, it rendered his study pretty much useless.

So, after using an invalid study to vomit up his little hate column, Fischer concludes by saying “It is thus clear from the best in social research that being raised in a same-sex environment poses completely unacceptable risks to vulnerable young children. By promoting same-sex marriage, and using Sesame Street to do it, the New Yorker staff in effect is promoting child abuse. They should be ashamed of themselves.”

No, the only person who should be ashamed of himself is Fischer, but he won’t be. He doesn’t know how to be ashamed of his intellectual dishonesty, and cannot quite grasp that he is violating the very religious laws he claims to uphold and cherish by perpetuating the Regnerus lies.



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