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Focus on the Family Ignores History, Claims Children Need Mother, Father

Focus_on_the_Family_logoAnti-gay groups are in trouble. They have been offering up shifting rationales as to why they hate same-sex marriage, and why not? They do seem to lack a solid argument against same-sex marriage. Thus, it is not surprising that these groups are busy trying to come up with some kind of solid argument that sounds alright, but not really. Thus, we come to Focus on the Family’s latest gem.

Now, ThinkProgress notes that this latest gem was first proposed by Focus on the Family back in February 2012 and only rehashed by the national group this month. Maybe they’ve run out of original hatred and are having to recycle.

Here’s what they say:

Children have a right to a mother and a father. This right is more than a sentimental tie to social custom; it is based on an iron law of biology. We are all created male and female. Although we have devised mechanisms in the last twenty years that allow us to circumvent traditional fatherhood and motherhood, a new life can still not be created without male and female genetic material. Significantly, these artificial means display a grave lack of respect for human dignity.

Alright, we will grant some things. First, yes, being born to a stable family is preferable to everything else. Yes, that means that being adopted by anyone is not optimal; however, it can be preferable to living in a home where you, the child, are beaten regularly, neglected, and left starving.

There is a difference between living in a perfect world and living in the real one. In a perfect world, parents wouldn’t hit their children, nor would they abandon them to go get drugs. In a perfect world, everyone has the right number of loving parents.

Now, ThinkProgress notes that “Even the National Organization for Marriage has had to take a position against adoption to avoid sounding too anti-gay with its other rhetoric about protecting children. Still, the post doesn’t argue that adoption should be outlawed — only same-sex marriage — and its three arguments are easily refuted.”

The post also relies heavily on the now thoroughly debunked Regnerus study with their claims that children do better in a “married-couple family with a mom and dad.” And TP also notes that “just like the Regnerus study would later do, the researchers apply evidence about broken homes and separated families to same-sex families, presuming that the biological connection is more important than the parents’ commitment to the child’s well-being.”

Here is what TP left out. The idea of a nuclear, two-parent family is newer than the interstate highway system. It is a product of the growth of suburbia. Prior to the 1950′s, most Americans lived in extended families. Children actually did live at home with their parents, more often than not, and their grandparents and aunts, uncles, etc. Even if they didn’t exactly live in the same apartment or house, they lived in such close proximity that they were together a lot.

This means that most of today’s adults have grandparents who were raised by their grandmothers, aunts, uncles, grandfathers, etc. The family tended to raise the children together. Yes, there were rare instances like my maternal great-grandmother who raised five children on her own, but then again, she had her reasons. My paternal ancestors lived on farmers and the children were largely raised together.

In some Native American tribes, the children were often raised by an elderly member or a person of the third gender within the tribe so that everyone else could go and work or hunt. In fact, looking back over the history of humanity, children were almost never raised by their mother and father. Rather, they were raised by the collective family.

But don’t be surprised if Focus on the Family doesn’t really want to notice that. They just want to argue that same-sex marriage is wrong and are desperate to come up with some reasonable sounding reason why.



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3 Responses to Focus on the Family Ignores History, Claims Children Need Mother, Father

  1. Gogo

    June 20, 2013 at 4:00 pm

    A man wants to live together with a man all life but people say only a woman can love you . A man can’t love you so good as/like a woman . A woman wants to live with a woman for all life but people say only a man can love you .A woman can’t love you so good as/like a woman No. A man is not more worth than a woman and a woman is not more worth than a man. That is why a man can love a man and a woman can love a woman . For heterosexuals it means a man wants to live together with woman but society says only a man can love you .A woman can’t love so good as/like a man A woman wants to live with a man but society says only a woman can love you.A man can’t love so good as/like a woman. That is not true cut man &woman are equal . No one is better. Thta is why Men +Men are okay , Women+Women are okay , Men +Women are okay. Also two men or two women can adopt a child cuz they can do it so good like/as a man &woman and they can do it so good as/like a man can raise a kid with a man so good as/like with a woman . A woman can raise a kid with a woman so good as/like with a man because man &woman are equal . A Child needs Father &Mother means man can’t raise a kid so good as/like a woman or a woman can’t raise a child so good as/like a man .But that is wrong cuz both sex are equal and can do the same things and things good without the other sex.

  2. Gogo

    June 20, 2013 at 3:48 pm

    Yes. That is right. Man and woman can reproduce . Also homosexual men and a homosexual woman can reproduce if a homosexual woman inserts the sperm of/from a homosexual man . I am a homosexual man and live together with my boyfriend and a lesbian couple in one house and we made kids. One of the woman inserted my sperm inside of her. We didn’t have sex. You do not have to have sex to get pregnant . You can use other natural methods . Okay. Man &Woman can reproduce and what’s the problem? It does not mean that you have to love the woman or the man , it does not mean that you neddt to be martied to make kids. Sex -Reproduction -LOVE -Relationship do not belong together. The biological FACT is and NATURAL Fact is that Sex -Reproduction -LOVE -Relationship are different things. You don’t love your partner cuz of sex . you don’t love your partner cuz of reproduction , you like sex not only because you can make kids with sex etc. and NATURE is not perfect . Maybe also man+man should get pregnant ? Why NATURE did not create cars, airplanes, more light ? we can live without such things but it would be much harder and unsafe. That is why nature is not perfect. If all people were gay humanity will not die cuz there are homosexual men &women. homosexual people never had a real chance to make a family how they can do it . They were not accepted. But many homosexual also love to make a family . It is one of the worst crimes in human history that homosexual people never could make a family . Not Nature makes it not possible , religious beliefs say it is unnatural. But Nature does not care about how you make a family. How you make a family is NATURE AND NATURAL .

  3. Larry Esser

    June 18, 2013 at 9:20 am

    “We are all created male and female,” the FOF claims–not so. Some people are born “intersex,” they are part male, part female. Some are physically and genetically one gender, but in every way know themselves to be of the other. This simple-minded black-and-white view of human beings, gender, and sexuality is why these anti-gay groups say things that are not true. One other thing: It has been found that the children of women who have those children by different fathers tend to be healthier than the children of women who have their children by the same father. The point is things are not so cut-and-dried as many of us like to think they are.