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Focus On The Family’s Daly Doubles Down On Ex-Gay Therapy

Protesting Ex-Gay Therapy

Protesting Ex-Gay Therapy

Just because Exodus International is done with does not mean that the ex-gay movement is over, of course, and lo and behold, Focus on the Family President Jim Daly is just itching to compare homosexuality to all sorts of ills like lust, adultery, pornographic addiction. Of course, we recommend a nice anti-itch cream for that.

Daly recently aid:

We believe there is hope for those who struggle sexually. Be it a struggle with lust, adultery, pornography addiction, pre-marital sex, same-sex attractions or issues related to identity – there is hope. The hope of a Christian is that our behavior becomes more in line with God and God’s will. He wants us to drink from His full cup of grace and truth – because it’s through Him we can overcome lifelong struggles with sin.

God’s help usually doesn’t come as a ‘fast fix.’ It’s often a long process. Many times it takes counseling, Bible study, prayer and community support – but it can be done. Here at Focus we’ve seen marriages reconciled. We’ve seen people who struggle with unwanted same-sex attraction change. We’ve seen people experience real transformation in their thoughts, behaviors, attractions and identity. We’ve seen people find true happiness in stewarding their sexuality according to God’s plan, even when that means sacrifice.

Why do I have visions of Dr. Barry Rumack, his nose getting progressively longer, talking about how the pilots in Airplane! will be just fine and capable of leading a life of spiritual fulfillment. After all, none of these assertions seem to be backed up by so much as a single shred of hard evidence or long lasting marriages.

Daly has been working hard lately to tamp down Focus on the Family’s anti-gay message in large part because the group was, well, probably trying to pivot out of the anti-gay messaging business so that, when the whole thing comes crashing down, it won’t end up left stuck on the shore.

He even largely conceded that they had lost on same-sex marriage, and called homosexuality “not a super sin” and even said that it was given too much emphasis by the conservatives. Oh well, guess that didn’t last long.

Still, I guess so long as there’s a profit to be made in making people feel ashamed of being gay, he is all for it. NARTH will be continuing to push reparative therapy, incidentally, and has chimed in that they will continue “to affirm that the experience of thousands of clients with unwanted homosexual attraction and the licensed therapists who serve them demonstrates that trained, experienced, and ethical professional clinicians play a vital role in successful treatment processes.”

Of course, the fact that they never seem to want to do much in the way of showing that people are changing their sexuality doesn’t really help their credibility. Their crudibility, maybe, but not their credibility. So far, they have largely refused to provide long term data on how well ex-gay therapy works.

In fact, even those who have tried to claim that it works have had to admit that it doesn’t.



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