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Gay, Christian Conservative Blogger Attacks Gay Chicago School Teacher

Chicago_city_sealThis is a tangled mess, and unfortunately, it sounds more like someone wanting revenge on someone than anything else. A Chicago Public Schools middle-school teacher, Bradley Balof, is considering a defamation suit against openly gay Conservative blogger Kevin Dujan.

In a blog post, DuJan accuses Balof of making racist jokes about his black students and starring in pornographic films. DuJan is the same blogger who has constantly speculated that President Barack Obama is a gay man who married one of his top aides.

That’s right, this is a man who claims he has proof that Obama is gay. He hasn’t really provided that proof to anyone, but he says its there.

The CPS has started an investigation into Balof, whom they gave a ‘superior’ rating to not long ago. Balof, for his part, is considering suing DuJan and said “The allegations made about me in Kevin DuJan’s blog, are false. I am presently seeking legal options against Mr. DuJan.”

A defamation suit would involve proving that DuJan knew that the allegations against Balof were false at the time of printing, and that he made an attempt to discover if they are true or not. According to one reporter, Nico Lang, DuJan’s claims of a pornographic past for Balof are really shaky.

Balof is openly gay,
and moonlights as a standup comic and MC at a Chicago-area bar. He has acted in a couple of independent films including “Bowser Makes A Movie” and “Into It”. While both movies have some sexual content, they are not considered to be pornographic in nature.

DuJan claims that Balof’s jokes in his stand up routine “depict his black students as ignorant ‘Shaniquas’, ‘Loquishas’ and other ebonics-inspired characters who are in his opinion unable to learn, difficult to teach, and almost entirely coming from broken homes with missing fathers and stereotypical black ‘welfare queen’ mothers.”

One would think that, with his politics, DuJan might actually like those kinds of jokes, especially given his association with Sarah Palin.

Balof has not commented on the allegations other than to deny them. This is due to a possible defamation suit he is planning.

The accusations could end up ruining Balof’s career. His school, Stockton, is being merged with Mary E. Courtenay Elementary, and he doesn’t know if he will be among the teachers laid off, but the allegations make it harder for him in that they would give the board an ‘out’ in easily firing a gay teacher with an excellent record.

Stockton Principal Jill Besenjak would not comment due to the investigation, and CPS would only say that “These allegations were recently brought to our attention, an investigation was begun immediately, and that investigation is ongoing.”

DuJan has a long history of Yellow Journalism and attacks on the LGBT Community. He has attacked the more liberal parts of the LGBT Community saying that they “attack, malign and persecute Christians by depicting Christians as adversaries of the gay community.” He often refers to and may have even coined the term “Gaystapo” to refer to the LGBT leadership. His boyfriend, Joseph Parker, is involved in a lawsuit with a bar claiming that they violated his civil rights through religious and sexual harassment.

The bar, Sidetrack, denies the charges and claim that DuJan is behind the lawsuit. Parker is a former doorman for Sidetrack. DuJan has claimed, in the past, that they have denied him entry to the establishment because he is a Conservative Christian.

For his part, Balof stated “As a teacher, I would suggest people do their homework on Kevin DuJan.”




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