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Lesbian Wedding At Equality House Happens Without Westboro Protest

1043854_467880483301991_230682312_n-e1371997949225“Mawaige, it’s hwat bwings us togethah today. That bwessed awangement, that dweam within a dweam,” to quote the Impressionable Clergyman from The Princess Bride, and for Katie Short and Kimberley Kidwell of Little Rock, Arkansas, that dweam- er- dream began yesterday with a wedding at Equality House opposite the compound occupied by Westboro Baptist Church.

Equality House is the rainbow-painted LGBT Center in Topeka, Kansas that recently made headlines when a five-year-old girl sold pink lemonade in front of it, much to the hatred and anger of Westboro Baptist.

YouTube video of the ceremony surfaced on their Facebook page:

Ah…The brides look lovely with Katie in the traditional white gown, and Kim in a white silk pantsuit. Their families were there too with the father’s giving way their daughters as a harpist played on. Even a female minister in a rainbow stole.

Luckily, there were no attempts by Westboro Baptist to try and ruin the day. What could have been better?

We’re not sure, but we soon hope that their wedding will be more than just a ceremony, and that they may be legally wed in Arkansas and Kansas, and throughout the United States of America.




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