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Linda Harvey: “Mama, Don’t Let Your Kids Grow Up To Be Barbarians”

Cohen The Barbarian

Cohen The Barbarian

The Barbarians are coming! Well, that is the message out of Linda Harvey on her latest romp through the halls of the American Family Association’s radio programs.

Harvey explained that, well, if same-sex marriage is accepted as a portion of the cultural norm, then it is going to warp the worldview of children who think it’s ok to marry someone of the same sex, and “It’s going to mess with their hearts, their minds, their spirits, and their bodies. I think that we are looking toward; I don’t know that this is, maybe it’s too strong a word, but raising barbarians.”

Here is her spiel

Harvey was the one who recently claimed that LGBT sites were making children gay. She also said in 2011 that “We need non-effeminate men in the military. Does anyone really believe that a prancing drill sergeant won’t detract from readiness?” Apparently she had been watching way too much Monty Python by that point.

Just like how Scott Lively had been watching The Producers when he came up with the idea that Hitler was gay.

Also in 2011, Harvey claimed that LGBT doctors were going to make children gay.

She seems obsessed with people’s children, and that IS rather disturbing, when you think about it.



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