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Mark Creech Compares Homosexuality To Thinking You’re A Squirrel

Protesting Ex-Gay Therapy

Protesting Ex-Gay Therapy

And anti-gay groups wonder why we think that they are anti-gay and not just, you know, worried about marriage or the like. Christian Action League head Mark Creech is not happy to hear that Exodus International has collapsed, but he also believes that Christians shouldn’t buy into all that idea that sexual orientation exists because it is merely “a broad term developed in modern times to provide credence for the growing number of sexual perversions.”

Now, while computers are pretty new, homosexuality is pretty old. While the terms ‘heterosexual’ and ‘homosexual’ only date to within the last two hundred years, same-sex couples have been found throughout history, including the history of Christianity. While Mel Brooks may have joked about it History of the World Part 1, the reality is that same-sex unions of one form or another have existed for a very, very long time.

Of course, Creech is quick to dismiss the idea that homosexuality is a natural phenomenon, and that people should refuse to give it credence as they would refuse to affirm the idea that a person believes that they are really a squirrel. He said “if one felt that he or she was a squirrel, would that qualify as proof that one was justified in risking life and limb by climbing trees and eating only nuts?”

I think we can guess who the nut is here.

The difference between someone thinking that they are a squirrel and someone being gay is that you can usually change someone who thinks they are a squirrel into someone who thinks that they are a human. You cannot change someone who is gay into someone who is straight. Well, that, and the fact that someone who thinks that they are a squirrel is typically suffering from a legitimate form of mental dysfunction. Someone who is gay, is not suffering from any dysfunction except in the minds of those who hate homosexuality.

Now, Creech quotes Russell Moore of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention in taking umbrage over Alan Chambers’ apology. Moore said “I think there is a tendency to see Exodus folding as a parable of Christian capitulation and ethic. That is not what is happening. Instead what you have is an organization that has some confusion about its mission and purpose…What is not happening here, is an evangelical revision of a biblical sexual ethic.”

Actually, what happened with Chambers is that he got fed up with living a lie. In fact, he got fed up with living a lie in part because he may have finally realized that Christianity puts lying (bearing false witness) higher on the sin list than homosexuality. Chambers admitted to never losing his same-sex attraction.

Creech goes on to quote Peter LaBarbera. It should be noted that LaBarbera earned the nickname “Porno Pete” over his obsession with gay pornography. In fact, he seemed so obsessed with it that it was almost all he could talk about for a while there. LaBarbera apparently said about Exodus’ demise that “I think Alan Chambers, who basically ruined the organization, had no choice because the affiliates were leaving. All the people who support the truth that homosexuals can change and overcome this perversion through Jesus Christ were leaving Exodus.”

Except for one problem. You see, while it may be easy to blame Chambers for what happened, the reality is that these groups have had an impossible time scraping together proof that ex-gay therapy has any positive effect. In fact, to date, they have not been able to bring anyone forward who was not actually making a profit off of the pain and suffering of others in order to prove that this therapy works.

Of course, Creech continued by quoting LaBarbara saying “Homosexuality is about behavior, and behaviors can be changed with the help of God and through Christ…That’s what Exodus used to be about. But once they started talking about so called ‘gay sexual orientation,’ as if this is the inherent state of somebody’s being, they got in trouble.”

Actually, the problem is within LaBarbera. It is a comforting lie to see homosexuality as a behavior that one can walk away from. They have tried and keep trying to liken it to alcoholism or drug abuse, but they never seem to get that to work in part because those are just not the same. The problem is that there is nothing inherently destructive or dangerous about homosexuality the way that there is with alcohol or drug abuse.

While there are statistics that show that being lesbian or gay does mean having higher risk factors for certain things like alcoholism, smoking or drug abuse, they are related not to the inherent nature of homosexuality, but to the nature of the stigma men like LaBarbera put on homosexuality.

Creech goes on to say “It’s interesting that the concept of ‘sexual orientation’ is based strongly upon one’s feelings. How does one know that one is gay?” The counter to that is ‘how does one know one is straight?’ That has produced some interesting answers. He went on to say:

Conventional wisdom says because of the way one feels. Numerous are the individuals who have said, “I’ve felt that I was gay since I was a child.” But if one felt that he or she was a squirrel, would that qualify as proof that one was justified in risking life and limb by climbing trees and eating only nuts?

Well, that is an apples to oranges comparison, but that is part of the obfuscation that goes into all of this. They love to obscure the reality in order to make it sound like homosexuality is bad, but in the end, they just look incredibly silly.

And finally, Creech tries to go for gold by saying “To those who would contend the Bible is silent about “sexual orientation,” let it be said this is because no such notion is based in truth. It is a broad term developed in modern times to provide credence for the growing number of sexual perversions.”

Now, while I usually take what Cracked posts with a grain of salt, they actually tend to be fairly well researched in some cases. In an article dating back to March 2010, they note that most seemingly modern fetishes and ‘perversions’ are a lot older than you would think. Only those who are desperate to hold on to their hatred of something are willing to claim that the thing they hate is new when it isn’t.



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2 Responses to Mark Creech Compares Homosexuality To Thinking You’re A Squirrel

  1. Nightthorn

    June 27, 2013 at 4:38 pm

    Again with the animals. Those right wing Christian ‘straights’ seem so obsessed with animals. Just plain weird.

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