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Michelle Shocked’s Comeback San Fran Concert Cancelled

Michelle Shocked Protesting via Huffington Post

Michelle Shocked Protesting via Huffington Post

That was short.  Michelle Shocked’s comeback concert has been cancelled. She was suppose to be performing a free concert in San Francisco on 30 June.  The whole thing was part of an orchestrated attempt by Shocked to return to good graces of people, or so it appears.

The whole thing appears to have been orchestrated by the San Francisco Examiner, who was presenting the free show, and also allowed her to write an op-ed piece which she planned to create with the use of tweets that she received.  She was even going to be interviewed by the SF Weekly, the sister publication of the Examiner.

Well, it hasn’t gone well, and today, the Examiner’s Publisher Todd Vogt issued a statement saying “I am officially canceling the plan to have Michelle Shocked come to San Francisco and perform a free concert and apologize for her recent anti-gay comments. I had hoped that her concert and apology would have held the performer accountable and shine a light on hatred and bigotry, but, unfortunately, it has not. Having Ms. Shocked stand in front of a San Francisco audience and perform her music was intended to help heal, but has only further angered and offended the community.

“I sincerely apologize to all.”

The free concert was set to coincide with the end of Pride Week in San Francisco.

Shocked pretty much went for a small-time artist to a national laughing stock after she went on a bizarre rant about same-sex marriage.  The concert where she made the rant ended prematurely when her audience largely walked out on her.



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