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New UK Anti-Gay Group Offers Tired Retred Of Anti-Marriage Arguments

United Kingdom FlagA new anti-gay group has formed in the United Kingdom called Gay Marriage No Thanks, and they are, right off the bat, speaking out against adoption, and making the claim that same-sex attraction has never been proven to be innate.

Their spokesman appears to be the former Christian Peoples Alliance leader Alan Craig, and it should not be surprising then that they are fairly well basing their beliefs on religion.

The group has taken out an ad aimed at the peers in the House of Lords trying to dissuade them from legalizing same-sex marriage. The ad was run in The Times, which supports same-sex marriage.

The ad claims to present “Then good reasons why the House of Lords should say no to the same-sex marriage bill.” In reality, they give only four actual arguments that they say are ten. Here are the first of the four:

Intact biological families provide the gold standard for the wellbeing of children.
Children have a human right to be nurtured by both their biological parents.
Gay parenting by definition denies the child from having one or both biological parents.

Simply put, “biological parents offer children something that kind, well meaning strangers can’t give them. What that is, we don’t know, but we know it to be true.”

This appears to be based upon several misconceptions. There is no real evidence that a child needs a biological family to thrive. While there is evidence that children who go through the trauma of divorce or through early childhood experiences which are traumatic do not fare as well as children who have stable families, there is no evidence that biological parents are absolutely necessary for a child to thrive.

Thus, this argument pushes the argument that adoption is bad for children even if they are placed at birth with their adoptive family. This argument also attacks the idea that it is alright for opposite-sex couples to rely upon sperm or egg donation as the non-biological child is, thus, denied their biological parent.

In other words, this argument attacks opposite-sex couples as much as it attacks same-sex couples. The typical response to this argument is usually the fallback of “but these children still need a mother and a father”. Unfortunately, it denigrates and demeans children who have been adopted or who were conceived via sperm or egg donation.

Their second argument is:

Popular support for the bill is based on the unfounded theory that people are ‘born gay’.
Adolescents commonly experience temporary same-sex attraction: this does not mean they are gay

This one is self explanatory, but it is also wrong. There is a lot of evidence that people are born lesbian or gay. To date, there has been no evidence provided that ex-gay therapy works on people who are lesbian or gay. This argument also fails to understand the complex nature of human sexuality and largely ignores the existence of bisexuality.

Additionally, while they claim that many adolescents experience temporary same-sex attraction, that doesn’t seem to be true outside of same-sex institutions like boarding schools and the like. In fact, most of the “evidence” of adolescents having temporary same-sex attractions date back to the integration of the sexes in society.

Their third argument is:

All school children will be taught that as adults they can have marriage relationships with either men or women.

That one may largely be true, but if all you want to do is teach your children hatred, by all means, pull them out of school.

Their final argument is:

There is no evidence that SSM (same-sex marriage) strengthens marriage. In Spain marriage rates fell precipitously.
‘Equal love’ leads to unequal marriage.
Civil partnerships already provide all the legal and financial benefits of marriage for gay people.

Spain is also suffering from one of the most difficult recessions in Europe. When the economy is bad, people tend not to get married because they cannot afford it. Thus, it is not surprising that the marriage rate in Spain has dropped. The thing is, it was already in decline before the recession and the legalization of same-sex marriage in that nation. Catholics, as a whole, would rather shack up and cohabitate than get married because of the refusal of the Catholic Church to allow divorce.

There is no explanation as to why allowing same-sex marriage would lead to unequal marriage except that these are people who feel that by denying a group their rights, they are, somehow, better than everyone else. That is, they are unwilling to give up their heterosexual privilege.

Additionally, if there is no difference between civil partnership and same-sex marriage- that they provide the exact same things- then why create two separate entities for the same thing? It seems wasteful and inefficient. In fact, it seems that they want same sex-couples to be relegated to a socially inferior category in order to boost their own self-worth and this has nothing to do with society and everything to do with feeling superior to someone.

Ready for the bonus round? This one wasn’t an actual argument against same-sex marriage, but rather an attack on lesbians and gays in general:

Behind this bill is a militant move to deny gender difference.

And anyone who has spent any length of time with a same-sex couple typically finds that they are split into male and female no matter what the body looks like. This is based on the erroneous belief that the human body is binary, and gender is binary, and that gender and sex line up perfectly. The reality is that there are around five documented genders, and there are people born between the sexes. Typically, these people are listed as intersex.

Craig is the Bryan Fischer of The UK. He is reported to have said recently:

“Talk of the rights of adults has dominated debate about the issue, whether those are homosexual rights or religious rights. But what about the rights of children? And what does the evidence say about the impact of these plans?

“We want to take some of the emotion out of the debate and help people engage with the actual evidence that shows how disruptive and damaging these changes will be for children and young people. After all, it is the next generation who will be most affected by these proposals”

Unfortunately, hatred is an emotion, and while Craig may rationalize his hatred, it is still an emotion. Furthermore, despite protestations of how this will hurt children, the current system hurts children far more. In fact, if we want to talk about protecting children, there are higher rates of child abuse and child sexual molestation among families headed by opposite-sex couples than there are in same-sex couples. The difference is not significant, but it does exist.

This largely has to do with the fact that same-sex couples cannot conceive children on their own and have to do a lot of planning and spend a lot of money to bring these children into their families.

In 2011, Craig equated LGBT equality advocates with Nazis invading Britain calling them the “Gaystapo”.

Maybe the House of Lords should take that into account while debating the bill- look at who is advocating against same-sex marriage and think about what kind of fleas you are getting.



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