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Nitza Alejandro Becomes First Lesbian Latina On Federal Court

gavelIn recent weeks, President Barack Obama and Senate Majority Harry Reid have made it clear to the Republicans in the Senate- stop blocking the judicial nominees or we are going nuclear on your filibuster. We are still waiting to see if the GOP will back down, but it is hoped that they will. If they do, Nitza Ileana Quiñones Alejandro could become the first openly lesbian Latina on the Federal bench.

She was confirmed by a voice vote earlier this week. Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey (R) tweeted after the confirmation that “Grateful the Senate has unanimously confirmed Judges Nitza Quiñones & Jeffrey Schmehl as U.S. District Judges for PA’s Eastern District.” His fellow Senator from that state, Bob Casey tweeted “I’m pleased we came together in a bipartisan fashion to confirm Nitza Quiñones Alejandro and Jeffrey Schmehl to the federal bench.”

Alejandro was the first Latina to serve on the Philadelphia County Court of Common Please beginning back in 1991. Alejandro graduated from the University of Puerto Rico School of Law back in 1975.



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