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One Million Moms Think They Are Pulling Advertisers From “Mistresses”

Mistresses_ABC_2013Sit right back and you will hear the tale of the little anti-everything group determined to bring down television as we know it while not knowing a blasted thing about how it works. Once again, One Million Moms, an affiliate of the American Family Association, believes that they can pressure businesses to stop sponsoring a given television show- this time ABC’s “Mistresses.”

Okay, next time you sit down to watch, say, The Daily Show or Doctor Who or…um, what do people normally watch- ah yes CSI! Next time you sit down to watch one of those shows, make notes about what ads come up. Who is advertising on these shows? Now, wait for the next episode. See how many are repeated? More on this later:

One Million Moms sent out their latest missive saying that:

Keep up the great work! Almost every single sponsor that One Million Moms contacted in our previous campaign decided to no longer sponsor “Mistresses.” Olive Garden, Chili’s, Geico, Applebee’s and Jergens have pulled their ads from this provocative ABC program. Their ads were not present in the last two episodes. Lexus and Taco Bell (YUM Brands) are the only sponsors that kept their ads running, and we will contact them again this week.

Yes, those ads weren’t present from one episode to the next, but it probably has nothing to do with One Million Moms. After all, the rotation of ads usually is not up to the business, but rather the station. Oh, sure, advertisers can specify that they don’t want their ads on particular programs, but the networks have a metric that they usually use to determine where ads are being placed.

For instance, “Mistresses”, a soap opera based on a British show of the same name, is going to appeal to women. Now, yes, Olive Garden and Applebee’s might appeal to women, but they seem to show up on shows that are more aimed towards the general audience than to just women. Jergens, I’m not sure, but probably aimed towards a female audience.

The thing is, once the network has their primary demographic, they tend to target the ads to the specific audience.

Now One Million Moms is actually wrong about “Mistresses.” They wrote:

ABC’s newest program, “Mistresses,” is like a revamped “Desperate Housewives,” where four friends get themselves tangled in a web of lies and crush the ones they love. Obviously, the name of the show says it all. The name “Sinful Lifestyles” would be equally appropriate, but doesn’t sound as attractive. “Mistresses” airs on Monday evenings at 10:00 p.m. ET/9:00 CT.

The show is not a revamped “Desperate Housewives”, but rather based off of a British television series called “Mistresses” that ran for three seasons on BBC One from 2008 through 2010. It was actually the second attempt by networks to get an American version off the ground.

American adaptations of British television series tend to be hit or miss. Reality and game shows have tended to translate alright, but most scripted comedies and dramas have tended to collapse quickly. Attempted American versions of “Are You Being Served,” “Red Dwarf”, “Coupling” and “AbFab” all crashed and burned horribly with three of those never even making it to air. One of the few to survive for long was the translation of “Steptoe and Son” which was “Sanford and Son” in the US.

Now, One Million Moms continues on by saying:

The tagline for the program is: “Attraction. Passion. Deception. I can’t help it.” Advertisements mention “Endless possibilities,” “Thirteen weeks of s*duction” and “Who have you been doing?” One character even gets involved with another woman. A show full of adultery, cheating and lies is the last influence our country needs. Even though the program airs a little later in the evening, it is not late enough since the bedroom scenes are completely soft p*rn. (An asterisk is used to ensure our emails get through to those who have signed up to receive our alerts. Otherwise, referencing specific words would cause our emails to be blocked by some Internet filters.)

The past episode lost no time in letting viewers know what this show is about. The episode began with a graphic s*x scene, ended with another p*rnographic display and mixed in a few more explicit scenes throughout the rest of the show.

ABC is making a trend out of selling infidelities as the new normal. Hollywood continually pushes casual s*x with multiple partners as acceptable, but Scripture clearly states it is a sin. As Christians, the Bible also says we must speak up against sin. If we remain silent, we are accepting it and are guilty of sin also. With this in mind, One Million Moms is determined to clean up broadcast airwaves.

We are left just wondering if they are so upset because they find these programs so arousing that they can’t help but love them, and are so upset over loving them that they loathe themselves.



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