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OutServe-SLDN, LGBT Technology Partnership Join To Push Cybersecurity

suggested icon for computer securityThe LGBT Technology Partnership and OutServe-SLDN have begun a collaboration focusing on implementing public policies that address the unique technological needs of the LGBT Community. One of the things that they are planning is the launch of a series of cybersecurity tips “to encourage greater awareness about privacy and security issues affecting LGBT service members.”

Christopher Wood, the LGBT TP co-founder, stated “We are excited about this new collaboration with OutServe-SLDN and disseminating LGBT military-specific tips about staying safe and secure online. Studies show that LGBT communities are often the earliest adopters of new technology. The LGBT Technology Partnership’s mission is to make sure LGBT communities are aware of the significant benefits but also the underlying challenges that come with the early adoption of new technologies. OutServe-SLDN, whose actively serving membership was originally organized via Facebook, is on the cutting edge of utilization of new technologies, and we are thrilled to be working with them.”

Joseph Kapp, the other cofounder of the group, write that “As a result of their hackathon, OutServe-SLDN hit upon some creative new approaches to the significant objectives that remain to be accomplished to create true LGBT equality in our military. It was a truly inspiring moment. Formerly closeted service members and experts in military law and policy sat around the table with developers, communications experts, and other allies to grapple with big existential questions that organizations face and their intersections with technology that can improve value propositions and enhance the mission. The LGBT Technology Partnership team was proud and happy to be able to participate and provide our own input.”

OS-SLDN Executive Director Reverend Allyson Robinson welcomed the partnership stating “What Joe and Chris are organizing is unprecedented in the LGBT community, and OutServe-SLDN is proud to once again be an early adopter. We appreciate their commitment to helping our members protect themselves, their families, and their careers in this post-’Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ environment where LGBT service members lack nondiscrimination and equal opportunity protections and transgender service members are still required to serve in silence and fear. The Partnership gets our long-term mission of creating an inclusive and accepting military and they know, as we do, that changing laws and policies is the easy part – real culture change takes much longer.”

According to OS-SLDN:

The collaboration announced today also will include involvement of the LGBT Technology Partnership in OutServe-SLDN’s upcoming International Leadership Conference, set to take place in San Antonio in October. It will also include contributing regularly to the content of OutServe Magazine, a publication of OutServe-SLDN and the nation’s only periodical dedicated to LGBT military and veteran life.



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