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Pam’s House Blend Shutting Down After Nine Years

777px-Gay_flag.svgSo long Pam’s House Blend.

Pam Spaulding announced yesterday that the long running LGBT blog would be shutting down the end of the month. Spaulding was the lynchpin of the blog and had been at its helm, I believe, for its nine year run. While PHB and LezGetReal were not always friends, or had much contact with each other, it is always sad to lose someone who is in this fight.

Spaulding gave as the reasons why that “The Blend could continue limping along, but my health and well-being come first; over the last few years burning the candle at both ends with a full-time offline job and PHB. It has taken a severe toll — most readers have learned that I am dealing with chronic pain conditions — fibromylagia, and in the last couple of years, aggressive rheumatoid arthritis.”

Political and LGBT blogging is not easy, especially for those of us who want to add our voices to the stories instead of just cutting and pasting. As Pam notes in her goodbye piece, she churned out about ten posts a day.

She notes that she is not going away entirely but “I’ll continue to be active on social media and make time to mentor folks as I can. It’s just time for someone else to pick up the ball and run with the daily activist grind, and forge new ground in an ever-shifting new media.”

Pam’s House Blend joined with Fire Dog Lake a few years back, and the remaining PHB writers will continue on at a ‘rebranded’ FDL. We are unsure what they are rebranding towards since that information does not seem to be immediately on their main site.

To Pam, may your future endeavors be fruitful.



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