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Peter LaBarbera: Justice Kennedy Going Into Gay Hall Of Fame

61092-Royalty-Free-RF-Clipart-Illustration-Of-Blind-Justice-Holing-Scales-And-A-Sword-Over-A-LaurelPeter LaBarbera of Americans for Lies About Homosexuality…sorry, I am honest to a fault sometimes. Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality is really bummed and angry over the decision by the US Supreme Court to strike down the core of the Defense of Marriage Act and let stand Judge Vaughn Walker’s ruling on Prop 8.

LaBarbera is well known for his obsession with gay sex even earning the nickname Porno Pete for his obsession with gay porn.

He is extremely angry with Justice Anthony Kennedy whom he predicts “will go down in history as one more craven elitist who sold out Almighty God for a place in the Gay Hall of Fame.” Oh for crying out loud, Pete, but has all that pornography addled your brain or something? A better way of putting that would have been “one more craven elitist who sold out Almighty God for thirty pieces of silver.” Sheesh, if you’re going to go Biblical, please, go Biblical.

LaBarbera writes about the Court’s decision that “Yesterday’s decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court striking down Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and effectively invalidating Californians’ vote to preserve marriage as between a man and a woman — continues America’s godless trajectory toward sexual and gender chaos. We have become a Profane Nation at war with our own heritage and the Judeo-Christian moral values that helped make us great.”

LaBarbera needs to spend less time with whomever the gay equivalent of Barbara Cartland is and more time reading his history. Of the Founding Fathers, only a few were regular churchgoers, and most made fun of those who did. In fact, John Adams was often mocked for reading the Bible before going to bed by Thomas Jefferson, who underwent a project to remove God from the Bible. Claiming that the United States has some kind of Judeo-Christian heritage of morality is like claiming that England based its judicial system on Norse practices. It’s about three or four steps away from that.

He went on to say “Healthy societies discriminate against sexually immoral behavior: homosexuality, sex outside marriage, pornography, incest, etc. This benefits children and adults by using the law to reinforce stable moral boundaries and steer citizens away from destructive (sinful) behaviors. So it was stunning to read the majority decision by Justice Anthony Kennedy – a Reagan appointee – overturning DOMA’s pro-natural-marriage provision in the name of the children.”

Please note that Rome was not a healthy society and they abhorred homosexuality in the end. The mark of a healthy society is not whether or not they ban “sexually immoral behavior” but rather whether or not they treat people like objects.

LaBarbara whines on by saying that “Kennedy surely has earned his future laudatory obit in the New York Times for capitulating to ‘gay’ activist ideology — but among clear-thinking Americans who still know right from wrong he will go down in history as one more craven elitist who sold out Almighty God for a place in the Gay Hall of Fame.”

Wait, why is gay in quotation marks?

LaBarbara just continues onward saying “The Kennedy majority’s legal insanity is what emerges from an Isaiah 5:20 culture (evil is good and good evil) that puts deviant sexual identities on a pedestal, to be celebrated as protected ‘civil rights.’ The LGBT Pandora’s Box has been flung open, and there will be much more folly and destruction to follow — including the public policy madness of establishing ‘gender identity’ (read: extreme gender confusion) as a parallel ‘civil right.’”

Actually, in some very healthy societies, they acknowledge more than two genders. In fact, part of the issue here with LaBarbera is the fact that he obsesses about these ideas without having much more than a Bible to back him up, and when it comes to the Bible, one has to point out that two person marriage was not the norm. Ask Solomon and his five hundred wives and three hundred concubines.

Additionally, I hate to break it to Pete, but the US Supreme Court has already been ruling on that gender issue using the Civil Rights Act of 1965′s provisions on sexual equality.

And finally, on that rant, he wraps up “At least the Supreme Court did not create a national ‘right’ to homosexual ‘marriage.’ But we must be vigilant, as future LGBT litigation, coupled with the appalling self-righteousness of Kennedy’s liberal court majority, will combine to make this the next goal of the judicial supremacists.”

Of course, LaBarbera would not be calling Kennedy such horrible things if he had not lost. And LaBarbera seems to have missed something. You know, that bit in the Prop 8 decision which says that the case didn’t have standing because the guys who appealed it had no right to do so…that is the only reason why a right for LGBT Americans to get married wasn’t established.

And in a bonus rant, LaBarbera went on VCY America’s Crosstalk to whine about the whole thing:

The other thing that strikes me, Jim, is the radical egalitarianism of that statement. You know, this idea of homosexual love, homosexual unions are equal to marital unions, it’s not all equal. A marriage between a man and a woman produces children, it’s the very foundation of human civilization. And the idea that two men or two women is somehow ‘equal’ to that is a liberal falsehood. And I’m worried that it’s going to be foisted by necessity now upon children, especially in the states that have so-called homosexual marriage, they will be taught that same-sex so-called marriage is equal to the real thing, and that’s not good for their hearts and souls.

Oh well, LaBarbera is just never going to really get any facts behind him.



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