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Polish MP Robert Biedron Assaulted In Homophobic Attack

Polish MP Robert Biedron

Polish MP Robert Biedron

In an interview with Polsat News, Robert Biedron of the liberal Palikot’s Movement Party stated that he was assaulted by an assailant after a recent Pride Parade in Poland. Several thousand people marched in Warsaw this year calling for equal treatment for all Polish citizens including racial, sexuality, gender and religious minorities.

Poland is a heavily Catholic nation, and has a rocky history regarding the rights of minorities including with regards to their LGBT citizens.

Biedron did note that there were no stones or bottles being thrown at marchers this past Saturday, which is an improvement on past years.

Biedron stated “This was an unpleasant incident, and it shows that there is perhaps no sense in burying one’s head in the sand. You cannot call bandits patriots, a tendency that one often hears from the lips of politicians.”

According to Biedron, the attack took place in a café in central Warsaw. The Member of Parliament was there relaxing with friends following the march when “An aggressive man insulted us, using homophobic statements. He began to choke one of my friends and punched him in the face. When he recognized me he spat in my face, raised his fists and-and kicked me in the stomach.” Biedron is openly gay.  The perpetrator was reportedly arrested later.

Biedron was first elected to Parliament in 2011. In that election, his liberal and often anti-clerical Palikot’s Movement took a surprising ten percent of the national vote. This catapulted the party into third place in Parliament.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk has been struggling to find consensus within his Civil Platform Party regarding civil partnerships, but it has proven thorny. As expected the Right Wing Law and Justice Party are opposed to civil partnerships. This is not surprising given the views they have espoused regarding lesbians and gays in the past.



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