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Pope Francis Dances Around Calling For French To Repeal Equal Marriage Law

Pope Francis I

Pope Francis I

While Pope Francis I is not coming right out and speaking out against same-sex marriage or asking for the French Parliament to repeal the recently passed marriage equality law, he is still trying to drop hints that the Church opposes same-sex marriage.

Speaking to members of the French Parliament, Francis said that the politician’s duty “involves proposing, amending and abolishing legislation.”

He went on to say, according to the Vatican Radio, that “However, it is also necessary to instil something extra in them, I would say a spirit, a soul, that does not limit itself to reflecting the modalities and ideas of the moment, but which also confers upon them the indispensable quality that elevates and dignifies the human person.”

He also went on to defend the Church’s role in the arena of public policy saying “The principles of secularism which governs the relations between the French state and the various religious denominations should not imply that there is a hostility towards the religious reality, or an exclusion of religions from the social sphere and the debates which enliven them. One can rejoice in the fact that French society is rediscovering proposals made by the Church, which, among other things, offer a certain vision of the person and his or her dignity in light of the common good.”

Unfortunately for the pontiff, the Church has been vocally opposed to the principles of secularism that he claims govern the relationship between the French state and various religions. The Vatican has done little to condemn the homophobic attacks and protests that have broken out across France in recent weeks, and Francis himself has used often prejudicial language when discussing same-sex marriage in the past.

In order for any debate to be acceptable, useful or even valid, it is normally considered proper to not denigrate or demonize the other side, which has often been the case out of the religious groups opposed to same-sex marriage in the world.

Earlier this week, Francis danced around the language normally used to attack same-sex marriage. While backing opposite-sex marriage, he did not use the terms man or woman.



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