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Same-Sex Marriage Has No Effect On Opposite-Sex Marriage

Marriage EqualityGuess what…same-sex marriage doesn’t hurt opposite-sex marriage one little bit. That is the conclusion of Alexis Dinno and Chelsea Whitney of Portland State University. While it is unlikely to change the minds of any Conservatives, the study done by the two researchers at least gives LGBT rights activists even more solid evidence to back their cause.

They two wrote that “[A] deleterious effect on rates of state rates of opposite sex marriage has been argued to be a motivating factor for both the withholding and the elimination of existing rights of same sex couples to marry by policy makers — including presiding justices of current litigation over same sex couples rights to legally marry.”

While Conservatives including former GOP Presidential contender Rick Santorum have made all kinds of claims about same-sex marriage’s deleterious effects on opposite-sex marriage, none have given a valid argument as to why and provided no evidence backing their assertions.

The researchers examined the statistics from the states with same-sex civil marriage or civil union laws in place before 2009 and went back as far as 1988. What they found was that there existed no change in the rate of marriages between opposite sex couples in that time.

They wrote that
“We conclude that there is no relationship between implementation of same sex marriage or strong or weak same sex union laws and rates of opposite sex marriage.”

Essentially, the study was looking for same-sex marriage to have any effect on opposite-sex marriage. What they found was that there wasn’t, or the absence of any effect.

Want to lay odds that the National Organization for Marriage is going to just simply ignore this study?



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One Response to Same-Sex Marriage Has No Effect On Opposite-Sex Marriage

  1. P Smith

    June 14, 2013 at 12:52 am

    There are only two ways gay marriage can affect straight marriage:

    (1) There is a limited number of marriage licenses a civic government can sell, and the straights are unable to buy any because gays bought them all. Given that there are no such limits anywhere, the “problem” doesn’t exist.

    (Even if it did, gays make up 10% of the populace. For them to use up all the licenses in one year would mean many getting married all at once. Next year, there wouldn’t be any gay people left to marry off, so the straights would then get them all. The problem is at most a one-year thing.)

    (2) There are only so many churches, halls, and public parks to hold wedding ceremonies. So what? Do it in your own home, or go to Las Vegas.