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The Usual Anti-Gay Suspects Turning Out For Hate-a-palooza

nom_logo2As a non-profit, the National Organization for Marriage is suppose to disclose their tax forms to the public. Of course, as a non-profit, they’re not suppose to be engaging in electioneering or engaging in politicking with more than 40% of their budget. Someone really should investigate them over that. Still, that isn’t stopping NOM and the associated hate groups from thinking that the Human Rights Campaign committed a crime by disclosing NOM’s tax returns when the Brian Brown led group refused to actually comply with the law and publish the returns themselves.

The hate groups are rallying behind NOM quite literally. They plan on protesting outside the HRC’s headquarters. And by ‘they’, we mean Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, the American Family Association of Pennsylvania, Apologetics Group, the Liberty Counsel Action and Mission America. You know, the usual anti-gay suspects.

No word if they plan on showing up in white sheets or if they are planning on selling pitchforks and torches.

Of course, they aren’t just there to protest the HRC, but to protest Pride Month.

According to Linda Harvey, the founder of Mission America and anti-gay radio personality, “Why are so many cities proudly celebrating a harmful sexual preference that undermines health, undermines families, and leads children astray? The Human Rights Campaign is simply wrong to continue its business of selling this lifestyle to America. There’s nothing here to be proud of, but instead, this organization should be very ashamed.”

Of course, Peter LaBarbera, the President of AFTAH, will be there. He never seems to miss an opportunity to be near gays and has tended to have an obsession with gay pornography in the past. He is organizing this whole thing. He stated:

“On Tuesday morning we will gather in front of the world’s most powerful homosexual lobby group, Human Rights Campaign, in Washington, D.C., during so-called ‘Gay Pride Month’ (June) to proclaim the politically incorrect truth: that proud homosexuality is against God; against Nature; very unhealthy; and a serious threat to children and religious freedom. Thankfully, it is also changeable — as proved by the existence of countless thousands of happy former ‘gay’ men and ex-lesbians.

“Our bottom line is that homosexuality is nothing to be proud of. In fact, practicing homosexual behavior, a destructive sin, is something to be ashamed of. Out-and-proud homosexualism — far from being a ‘human right’ — is actually a human wrong.”

“We will also testify to the lies, dirty tricks, anti-democratic bullying, hate-mongering and intimidation that have fueled the advance of so-called ‘gay rights’ in America. Recently such tactics surfaced again when HRC obtained and published leaked IRS filings from a pro-natural-marriage group, which it used to attack the donors to Mitt Romney’s campaign in an election year.”

To date, the ex-gay community has been unable to actually find people who have been cured of their homosexuality. In fact, a lot of notable ex-gay purveyors have been exposed as being gay. As for the bullying, it might be nice if LaBarbera noticed how he tends to talk about lesbians and gays as if they are trash and continues to act as if his positions are supported by anything other than his gay pornography obsessed mind.

Matt Barber of the Liberty Counsel said “It’s not surprising that HRC has inroads into the most corrupt presidential administration in history. The HRC is following the tactics of Saul Alinsky as detailed in his manifesto ‘Rules for Radicals.’ President Obama and his IRS are evidently aiding and abetting this radical organization. Because sexual anarchist groups like the HRC cannot win the debate on the merits, they must resort to underhanded and, as it now appears, outright illegal tactics in order to gain momentum for their extremist agenda.”

Barber’s Liberty Counsel is responsible for helping a woman abduct the child she had with her ex-wife. Additionally, he loves to use the normal coded phrases that most people try to use to attack Obama and the Left as Communists even though that tactic has kind of worn very, very thin these days.

Eric Holmberg, anti-gay documentarian, also added to the chorus “As a child of the 60′s, I was once very much a proponent of the so-called ‘free-love’ movement. When I became a Christian I discovered that ‘free-love’ was far from free; that destroying the Biblical binaries concerning both gender and sexual orthodoxy would eventually lead to greater license, confusion and untold human and social suffering; and that this third wave of the sexual revolution would serve as the coup de grâce for a sin-sick society that is even now free-falling towards Gomorrah.”

For the record, to date, no one has been able to actually find the supposed gay orgies that are happening everywhere that men like Holmberg seem to believe exist. As far as can be found, lesbians and gays are having about as many orgies as straight couples, if less, and as for the whole ‘free love’ thing, not many people subscribe to that when they are busy pushing equal marriage rights.  They tend to happen in the minds of the anti-gay advocates.

If it seems like these guys are still fighting battles from the 1950′s, it probably isn’t your imagination.

Well, the anti-gay hate-a-palooza will be happening on 4 June around 11am if you want to show up to counter protest.  Though, maybe if we all just ignore them they won’t get the satisfaction of provoking a response from us.



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