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Tony Perkins And The Delusional Claims Of Anti-Christian Crusades

worlds_smallest_violin_poster_by_dr_j33-d32tvetSomeone please get Tony Perkins the world’s smallest violin. Seriously. The man has been harping on about his group being put on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s hate group list since the day they put his group on the list. Unfortunately for him, it is a label well deserved.

Perkins has never quite grasped the fact that if you have lie about your agenda, then your agenda is probably not worth bothering with. Why? Because if you have to lie about it, then you really don’t have anything to back your ideas up with and that pretty much means that you are just masking the real reasons- which in his case is either he is a self-loathing closet case or he just hates gays and doesn’t want people to understand that he just hates gays.

The most recent run is an open letter to Congress demanding an investigation of the SPLC.

In the letter
, Perkins writes “The anti-Christian crusade instigated by the SPLC has already resulted in an armed terrorist attack on Family Research Council headquarters in Washington, D.C…” What has always seemed odd is that Perkins is absolute about this being anti-Christian and yet, it seems to me that in order to be anti-Christian, he has to define Christian as “those who believe the way we do about Christ.”

Of course, Perkins continues on in a paranoid fashion saying “The President needs to be exposed for colluding with the SPLC to stifle debate on social policy issues by means of intimidation, fear-mongering, and spreading lies…” We have yet to figure out how calling out Perkins’ lies is stifling debate other than the fact that he is desperate to make sure that we don’t question his statements.

Oh and there is more. Perkins says “The majority of Americans do not agree with the President’s leftist agenda to remake our country into a socialist state ruled by a totalitarian government bureaucracy. And the President knows this. So he is using—and abusing—his presidency to steamroll the American people and implement his radical vision for America…”

It takes an extraordinarily secure echo chamber for Perkins to maintain that the President doesn’t have a majority backing for most of his agenda. Of course, since he loves to push the lies about a socialist state and a totalitarian bureaucracy, it isn’t surprising that he would think this.

Perkins, of course, has begun to sound like he’s gone off the deep end. He continues by saying “With less than four years left in office, President Obama is going for broke to accomplish his far-left agenda. In addition to the collusion between his administration and the SPLC, Planned Parenthood, and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender organizations, President Obama is using the bully pulpit and power of the presidency to promote abortion and same-sex “marriage” while stifling religious freedom at the same time…”

Of course, by “stifling religious freedom”, Perkins means that Obama is putting the kibosh on Perkins’ plans for a theocratic totalitarian state run by a single party- namely the Republicans. Never mind the fact that the majority of people support same-sex marriage and abortion rights.

Perkins, in the letter, makes mention of “This assault on religious freedom in the military is part of a wider plan to neuter the Church and its stand for the timeless values of faith, family and freedom in America…” The assault on religious freedom in the military has been made up whole cloth by the Christian Right who have wanted to turn the US military into a crusading army.

Perkins, of course, continues to dither on saying “Moreover, it’s no secret that President Obama is willing to spend your tax dollars to further his plans for legalizing same-sex “marriage”, increasing access to abortion, and silencing Christians…We cannot side on the sidelines. We cannot close our eyes and hope this will go away. We must stand boldly, yet in love, against hate-filled anti-Christian groups who incite hatred and violence to intimidate us into silence. Thank you in advance for standing with us in defense of what is right. With God’s grace, we will stop this pernicious evil against people of faith in America.”

The reality is that the person who is anti-Christian is Perkins, not Obama. Perkins does not care about whether or not there are Christians who disagree with him. Instead, he wants to believe that all Christians are just like him, and that he has the weight of all those Christians behind him.

This kind of thinking is what has been leading to the slow decline if not near collapse of Christianity and religion in the United States. In fact, it is because of Perkins’ crusade to create a theocratic America that has been leading to the near destruction of Christianity in the US.



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