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Westboro Baptist Claims Lemonade Selling 5-year-old Going To Hell

PlantingPeaceApparently nothing warms the cockles of a bigot’s soul than telling a five-year-old that she is going to burn in hell. That is, incidentally, what Westboro Baptist Church has done. Rather than acting like mature individuals, they chose to act less maturely than Jayden Sink, the five-year-old who sold lemonade at Equality House last Friday.

The put up on their marquee “F*gs and enabelers all burn in hell. Lemonade won’t cool any tongues.” They also said in a statement “If you loved Jayden, you’d teach her to obey her God, who said ‘if you love me, keep My commandments!’ (John 14:15 Including: no fags! (Leviticus 18:22).”

It is difficult to understand, in some ways, why Westboro believes that they are in compliance with the word of God given that they are constantly spewing hatred, and it seems that Christ was adamant about no longer keeping the laws of Leviticus, and that people should love each other as they loved themselves.

In fact, hatred seems like the last thing that Christianity would teach.

Jon Sink, the father of Jayden, stated that “Our intention was never to go stand up to the Westboro Baptist Church or any of that. We went out there to support Planting Peace, to support all the initiatives they do, and to teach Jayden about peace and love and compassion.”

Jayden raised about $200 on site and an online fundraiser netted more than $20,000 all for Planting Peace, if I have this correctly. The group Planting Peace plans to hold a same-sex wedding ceremony in the front yard this upcoming Saturday.

Westboro Baptist has a long history of vile attacks and claiming that God hates everyone. They have been known to picket outside funerals in order to spread their hateful message, and are often met by massive counter-demonstrations. Typically, they blame natural and man-made disasters on gays.

The founder of Westboro Baptist Church, Fred Phelps, has not been seen in more than a year. Members of his church, which is largely made up of family members, have been slowly leaving as well.



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One Response to Westboro Baptist Claims Lemonade Selling 5-year-old Going To Hell

  1. Pat Carbonell

    June 20, 2013 at 8:36 pm

    You know, you could probably sell tickets for when the faithful few of WBC reach the pearly gates… and St. Peter kicks them off for the long fall.