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A Trans Love Story: Katie & Arin

Arin & Katie <3

Arin & Katie <3


Katie used to be Luke and Arin used to be Emerald and recently the two found each other and are living happily ever after. It’s the story of two teens from Oklahoma who met at a support group for transgender teenagers, fell in love through their transitions and remained in love after the change.


1075661_315717185231168_1872630687_n“They bonded through their shared experiences,” reports The Sun of the couple. Sort of the way teens and people of all ages do! Though an article was written about Katie and Arin in the Daily Mail in November, the pair have been recently been doing lots of interviews; in Arin’s words, he wants to ” inform and educate as many as possible [about being transgender] so that people will be treated equally no matter what.” He has a Facebook page “for those people who want to know more info and just want to talk or ask questions”; on it, he praises a video discussion on HuffPostLive about his story with Katie, during which the hosts explain things like how being transgender does not necessarily mean that you are gay.




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