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Aasif Mandvi, The Vatican Hot Tub And Pope Francis’ Tolerant Words

Pope Francis I

Pope Francis I

The Daily Show with Jon…John Oliver delved into the debate over Pope Francis I’s words regarding tolerance of LGBT people and the reaction from Cardinal Timothy Dolan basically saying that the pontiff did not actually mean anything new by what he said.

Now, Oliver at least managed to avoid making any comments which would be related to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic about loving and tolerating people to the point of insanity, but still, he did note that the tone of Pope Francis’ comments were less combative and of a different tone than those of his predecessor, Pope Palpatine. . .er. . .Pope Benedict XVI.

Now, yes, the comments from Pope Francis are not important in terms of them signaling a shift in how the Vatican treats LGBT people, per se, but it is important in that the Vatican is signaling a shift in tone.

Pope Francis has made it clear that he is going to be less combative and confrontational than his predecessor when it comes to the political arena. This is significant since many of the Cardinals elevated to their positions by Pope Benedict tend to be more confrontational and more willing to wade into the political arena than Pope Francis is.

Still, here is John Oliver on Pope Francis’ words and the near immediate damage control that Cardinal Dolan went into in order to avoid having to actually be nice to LGBT people:



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