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Anti-Gay Robert Oscar Lopez Tries Hand At Really Bad Gay Fiction

Mean Girls Movie Poster

Mean Girls Movie Poster

Robert Oscar Lopez is one of those people that the anti-gay groups love to trot out as an example of how damaging and dangerous same-sex parenting can be without ever bothering to note the problems with his story like, well, he wasn’t raised by a stable same-sex couple. Instead, he was raised by a single mother who only had her lover come around every so often, like on weekends.

But that isn’t stopping them from making him something of a celebrity in their circles, and now he is self-publishing some rather bizarre novels about gays called “Mean Gays.” Apparently the books are rife with the standard damaging myths and graphic depictions of gay sex. This, of course, raises the usual question about why are the anti-gays so obsessed with gay sex. I swear, they are more obsessed with gay sex than a gay nymphomaniac.

Lopez loves to bill himself as telling the ‘untold children’s view’ of the supposed harms of same-sex parenting despite the fact that he did not grow up in a stable, same-sex parented household. He has spoken at a variety of different events, often claiming that same-sex marriage would turn children into property and saying that allowing same-sex couples to raise children was a “crime against humanity” like slavery, and putts children at risk of exploitation and sexual abuse. Lopez, who’s mother was bisexual not lesbian, also claims that homosexuality is a choice.

Of course, one has to wonder if his problems stem from his own shame at being bisexual or gay given that he has written in the past that “Twenty years ago, I had never been with a woman, but I had had relations with quite a few men… Now I am twelve years into a happy and faithful marriage to a woman. I sinned at different times, but talking things over with people helped me overcome my harmful behavior. I begged God for forgiveness. You couldn’t pay me to have sex with a man at this point in my life.”

He went on to say “There’s no point in obsessing over my sexual ontology, never mind obsessing over other people’s. I have to tend to the garden out back, as Voltaire would say in Candide. We have better things to do with our time — especially “gay men,” who have chosen to go into a dating scene that’s small, often incestuous, vulnerable to disease, and sometimes cold.”

Lopez is the kind of person that the Mark Regnerus Hoax loved to get because they weren’t raised by a same-sex couple. One also has to wonder just how far behind Lopez has left the “gay lifestyle” given his foray into gay fiction.

Kind of hysterically, Lopez wrote in December 2012 that “It is time for a Mean Gays moment: a film or something to wake gays up. They need to stop being mean. Unless they can, nothing political will lift the cloud from their lives and allow them the joys felt by those they envy.”

Oh sure, there are cliques of mean gay men and lesbians out there just as there are cliques of mean straight men and women out there too. Trust me, as the ‘ghost’ in school, I saw them all. Boys can be just as mean as girls and lesbians as mean as gay men. Ironically, Lopez is part of his own little clique there- the anti-gay clique, and they are just as mean, nasty and terrible as anything that the gays can put together. Sometimes, more so.

Also, what is this man’s deal with Lindsay Lohan?

On 20 December 2012, Lopez announced the creation of his book series saying “The three books coming out over 2013 go together in the ‘Mean Gays’ series, following up on an article I wrote for American Thinker earlier this year. Mean Girls was such a pivotal moment for pop culture, because it forced girls and women to examine their interactions and use storytelling to imagine other possibilities.”

Oh dear Lady…I don’t think I’ve ever actually heard anyone refer to the Lindsay Lohan movie “Mean Girls” as anything but the last good thing that Lohan did. I’ve certainly never heard anyone refer to it as some seminal piece of work that caused women to evaluate their interactions. We’ve been doing that since Mary Daly’s era of Feminism. In fact, Daly has a lot to say about how society causes or even forces women to interact in a competitive manner, and she wasn’t alone among Feminists of her era.

Heck, go back to Charlotte Perkins Gilman and “Herland” and you get the same message about women being divided and how, when women work together, they accomplish a lot more than men do.

So far, only one book, Johnson Park, has come out. The second book, Gay Wars, was suppose to come out on 15 June, but hasn’t been released yet for some reason. The third book is suppose to be The Melville Affair. Equality Matters notes that the blurb about Gay Wars sounds like “something Lopez came up with during history’s most intense gay fever dream.”

Lopez’ site says “[O]n June 15, comes GAY WARS! This is a fantasy epic about twenty-six supernatural showdowns between gay ideas, gay people, gay concepts, gay characters. They use weapons both celestial and carnal to duel each other. The whole thing is chronicled by “Coco Rico,” an Internet phantom who led the gaywars in 2010, on a defunct site called The Wild West Coconut Show.”

He goes on to explain “There are cameos from everyone ranging from Jack and Ennis to J. Edgar Hoover, Adam Lambert to Coco Chanel, the fifth French Republic to Pandora, and more! It all culminates in the final, cataclysmic showdown for ownership of the gay soul — yes, Ovid’s famed characters Narcissus and Hyacinthus will battle it out just beyond the seventh bridge to nowhere, while Marlowe coaches one side against a motley collection of stolen Shakespeare characters on the other side, and Sor Juana and Emily Dickinson form a proto-lesbian cheering section. You won’t want to miss this one!”

Sounds like a gay porn parody of Star Wars. Well, either that or a pathetic attempt to kill more people than Cecil B. DeMille. No wonder it hasn’t come out yet. I’m not sure he could find the plot with both hands, a compass and a map.

For those who do not know, Sor Jauna de la Cruz may or may not have been a practicing lesbian nun, but she did write a lot of lesbian-centric poetry. She lived in Mexico during the 1600′s.

As for “Johnson Park: Five Gay Boys, One Street, Too Much Shade” (dear Gods, it sounds like one of the titles I make up when I can’t think of a good title for an article!), the book apparently runs to about six hundred pages in paperback, and is full of not only gay stereotypes, but racial stereotypes, and pretty much every other cliche and stereotype you can imagine.

All for a door stopper of a book.

According to Equality Matters, the book is about:

Riley, a paramedic, marries Agosto after saving him from a suicide attempt. Angel decides to move back to Buffalo to live with his childhood friend Joseph, who he maybe raped when they were teenagers. Joseph is sleeping with his sister’s husband, Harry, who is secretly gay. Angel becomes a court advocate for Riley’s troubled younger brother, during which Riley decides to leave Agosto for Angel. Agosto then claims to be Angel’s cousin in order to get a job at Joseph’s family business, where Harry is employed. Agosto realizes that Harry actually tried to rape him years earlier, sparking an altercation that lands Agosto in jail, with – surprise, surprise – Angel acting as his court advocate. Angel eventually leaves Riley, Joseph leaves Harry, and they both decide to live with Agosto. They seal their trifecta with tongue kisses (seriously) and decide to move to New York City together at the end of the book.

Now, before I began to write a novel about teenage drama, I chose to grab a few books like Pretty Little Liars, Strawberry Panic and Annie On My Mind. Why? Well, simple- if you want to know about your subject, you should study it. From the sounds of it, Lopez hasn’t even studied his subject matter.

Equality Matters notes that the book is rife with Lopez’ own twisted personal beliefs such as pedophelia is a normal part of homosexuality, being gay is lonely and depressing, gays are homophobic too, and so much more. Then there’s the other stuff which you can read about at Equality Matters.

One last thing, though, Johnson Park apparently gives Bill O’Reilly a run for his money for worst sex scene in a novel, and there are ten sex scenes in the novel- that would be about one sex scene for every 60 pages of text.

In the end, it sounds like poorly written gay porn for the closet case who wants to self-loathe and keep his gayness a secret by claiming to be reading something that is about how bad it is to be gay.



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3 Responses to Anti-Gay Robert Oscar Lopez Tries Hand At Really Bad Gay Fiction

  1. Scott Rose

    July 27, 2013 at 1:13 pm

    More the kind of accident that people clean up from a carpet.

  2. Lily K

    July 27, 2013 at 12:56 pm

    That sounds like the kind of thing a person would only read out of morbid curiosity. Like how people stare at an accident.

  3. Scott Rose

    July 27, 2013 at 12:19 pm

    The President of Lopez’s California State University Northridge, Dr. Dianne F. Harrison, sent me an e-mail in response to my request for the institution to take a public stand against Lopez’s gay-bashing bigotry. I had sent her that request along with a link to GLAAD’s Commentator Accountability Project page on Lopez. I told her that I understand freedom of speech, but I wanted to know if she would take a public stand against Lopez’s bigotry. Here is one of the things she told me: “I have personally reviewed the GLAAD website that cites some of Professor Lopez’s statements. Let me say in no uncertain terms that I totally reject Professor Lopez’ stated positions.”