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Brian Brown Claims LGBT Groups Afraid To Take Marriage To The Ballot

Brian_S._BrownIt looks like marriage equality is going to the vote in Indiana. This is not surprising really given that Republican Governor Mike Pence isn’t exactly fond of same-sex marriage. Of course, the National Organization for Marriage is just itching for the chance to get their backside trounced again in the polls.

In their latest fundraiser, Brian Brown writes

As you know, last week the Supreme Court handed down two terrible decisions on marriage. But the Court stopped short of fabricating a “right” to redefine marriage in our Constitution, choosing instead to allow the states to settle the question.

This means winning or losing marriage is still up to us, The People.

Within hours of last week’s rulings, Governor Mike Pence of Indiana issued a statement calling upon the General Assembly to place a constitutional amendment on the ballot for the people of Indiana to vote on next November.

NOM has been strongly supportive of this effort since 2011, when the first vote to put a Marriage Protection Amendment on the ballot passed both chambers by large, bipartisan margins.

Of course, between 2011 and 2013 is 2012 when NOM saw their efforts to voter-veto marriage equality laws in Washington and Maryland go down hard; Minnesota’s ban on same-sex marriage get slaughtered, and Maine become the first- and only- state to pass a marriage equality law through the ballot box.

Brown dismissed these as having happened because ‘oh, they happened in Liberal states’, except that Maryland, Minnesota and Maine aren’t exactly Liberal. Maine elected Paul LePage governor, after all.

Brown goes on to claim that “Over the past few years NOM has been battling in deep blue states, successfully fending off legislative attacks on marriage in states such as Illinois, New Jersey and Hawaii — hardly friendly territory for us.”

Actually, New Jersey and Hawaii aren’t really ‘deep blue’ states. Remember, New Jersey has a Republican governor and Hawaii had one until recently. Brown also seems to ignore the fact that Illinois is not a done deal yet, and could still pass same-sex marriage legislation this year; New Jersey’s law has been blocked by Chris Christie and only Chris Christie; and Hawaii has a problem with an amendment that they are working to take down.

He also ignored the aforementioned losses in Washington, Maryland, Minnesota and Maine. In fact, Minnesota is a dual loss since they passed same-sex marriage this year. He also fails to mention the big losses in Rhode Island and Delaware, where same-sex marriage laws were passed recently.

Currently, there are thirteen states that have same-sex marriage and the District of Columbia.

Oddly enough, Brown claims that “Gay marriage advocates are still terrified of letting the people decide this issue — because they know the people do not support redefining marriage.”

Actually, at this point, Brown me boy, we welcome the trip to the ballot box. It’s you who should be terrified of it now.



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One Response to Brian Brown Claims LGBT Groups Afraid To Take Marriage To The Ballot

  1. Dddavid

    July 2, 2013 at 9:41 pm

    We should have our supporters in the legislature insist that if they REALLY want the people to decide on this issue, then the only fair way to do it is dual opposing constitutional amendments. One amendment to ban same sex marriage, and one to allow it, whichever gets more votes wins (unless neither gets a majority, in which case no change from the present would occur). Then we can see if they really do want the people to decide on this issue!