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Bryan Fischer: ‘I Don’t Care About Weiner’s Adultery, Gays Are Bad’

Bryan_Fischer1-cropped-proto-custom_2Bryan Fischer is at it again. He loves taking any opportunity he can to attack homosexuality, and apparently the misdeeds of New York City mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Fischer called for gays to quit their jobs. He tweeted “If Anthony Weiner should step down for engaging in sexually perverse behavior, so should every practicing homosexual.”

Actually, most of us don’t care about his sexting or phone sex. What we care about is the fact that he is a married man who is breaking his marriage vows by engaging in this behavior. One would think that Fischer, who constantly harps on about marriage being so sacred would actually want Weiner to step down because he is doing a considerable amount of harm not only to his own marriage, but the institution of marriage as a whole.

Weiner admitted yesterday to continuing to send sexually explicit texts, pictures and messages with various women through last summer- a full year after he was forced from Congress for that behavior.

Fischer, who is the front man for the American Family Association, has a long track record of attacking LGBT people whenever he can. His decision to go after LGBT people on a story about Weiner, though, remains slightly baffling given the fact that Weiner is doing everything he claims to be against.

But, with Fischer, it usually is the case that his hatred of gays is stronger than his hatred of adultery and infidelity.



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