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Concerned Women For America Freaks Out Over Good Luck Charlie

MIA TALERICO, BRADLEY STEVEN PERRY, BRIDGIT MENDLER, LEIGH-ALLYN BAKER, JASON DOLLEY, ERIC ALLAN KRAMER, LOGAN MOREAUAlison Howard of Concerned Women for America is, like her counterparts in One Million Moms, freaking out over the idea that an episode in the Disney show Good Luck Charlie will have a lesbian-headed family. Why are they freaking out?

Well, CWFA and OMM have been desperate, along with all the other anit-gay groups out there, to portray homosexuality as being about, well, sex, and are terrified that, if the “gay lifestyle” is portrayed as more cooking dinner and doing laundry than chains and whips, then people may lose their fear of gayness and start saying ‘you know, being gay isn’t so bad’, and letting their kids grow up to be gay rather than sending them to those hate farms known as ex-gay camps.

Howard, who is the communications director for CWFA, though, is not overly surprised that Disney is allowing for a lesbian-parented family to show up in Good Luck Charlie. She told Right Wing ‘media’ publication One News Now that “Disney has been a proud sponsor of gay rights activism for two decades. They’ve had ‘Gay Days’ at the park [for years] and they’ve been inviting same-sex couples to come marry there. The fact that it has taken them this long says something to us, doesn’t it? That they’ve not wanted to expose children to same-sex married couples.”

Gay Days at Disney are not officially sponsored, but they aren’t officially discouraged either.

Howard, goes on to claim that The Gays are busy bullying Disney just as they ‘bullied’ Chick-fil-A and the Boy Scouts. Since, so far, no one has beaten up Chick-fil-A and stolen its lunch money or called the Boy Scouts derogatory names, this is just the hyperbole common among the anti-gay right to make it sound like they are an oppressed minority when, in reality, both Chick-fil-A and the BSA are out of step with the current thinking in America.

Howard went on to say that Disney is “looking to gage public reaction. [So] let’s give them some feedback then. This is where parents need to step up and let their voice be heard. You need to not let this go by [because] this is the beginning of something big for Disney and other companies if they don’t hear a reaction from people who disagree.”

Given the fact that television and movies have been more willing to depict LGBT people, somehow it seems unlikely that this little outcry is going to make much difference. In fact, One Million Moms has already called for action against Good Luck Charlie, but that is likely to fail.

Groups like CWFA and OMM continue to freak out over the way the networks are going, but the reality is that television is a reflection of the contemporary culture. Even if they get Good Luck Charlie to change, it would be the equivalent of stopping a pebble ahead of the avalanche.



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