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Cuccinelli Won’t Back Down From Calling Gays Self-Destructive, Soulless

Virginia Attorney Gen. Ken Cuccinelli

Virginia Attorney Gen. Ken Cuccinelli

One has to wonder if Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccienlli was badly bullied over his last name growing up and that had an affect on his views today. Cuccinelli is currently running for Virginia Governor as a Republican. He recently faced off against his rival, Democrat Terry McAuliffe, and the exchange about LGBT rights made for some interesting information.

consistently ignored the pushes for him to explain his views on homosexuality until Judy Woodruff asked him directly about his comments. Cuccinelli responded saying “My personal beliefs about the personal challenges of homosexuality haven’t changed.” He still tried to push those off by later saying that, as governor, he would “create an environment” in which every Virginian had economic opportunities. This is, of course, laughable given that he has already harmed Virginia businesses by trying to make homosexuality illegal again.

was backing up statements like “When you look at the homosexual agenda, I cannot support something that I believe brings nothing but self-destruction, not only physically but of their soul.”

He tried to claim during the debate that “The notion that because I believe marriage ought to be protected, because I believe life begins at conception — just like hundreds of thousands of independents and Democrats — this isn’t just me, it isn’t just Republicans. There are lots of Virginians, millions, perhaps, of Virginians, who share my sincerely held beliefs.”

Virginia has a bit more than 8 million residents, and half of the registered voters in the state support same-sex marriage. Polls are also showing that Cuccinelli is slowly losing losing ground against McAullife in the race.

His recent attempt to create a website trying to rebrand Virginia’s anti-sodomy law as a tool to protect children resulted in quite a lot of mockery. The law is unconstitutional, but Cuccinelli blocked any attempt to bring the law into compliance with the Lawrence v. Texas ruling.

McAuliffe made it clear that he supports LGBT rights including same-sex marriage.



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