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Cumulus Media Threatening To End Limbaugh, Hannity Contracts

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity may be on their way out at Cumulus Media. The second largest radio broadcaster in the nation is apparently planning on dropping the two Right Wing radio hosts by the end of the year according to Politico.

The company hasthreatened to not renew their contracts for either host according to an unnamed source. The two men are the highest rated conservative talk personalities on the air, and they would be removed from more than 40 major markets. The decision to drop the two talk show hosts come as negotiations between Cumulus and Clear Channel, Limbaugh and Hannity’s distributor, broke down.

However, it is possible that, in the next six months, the two companies could return to the negotiating table.

Cumulus has not commented on the story, but Cumulus is likely starting to hurt from the continued boycotting of Limbaugh’s show. Various advertisers have been unwilling to have their products advertised on Limbaugh’s show due to the negative issues associated with him. Various companies have become uncomfortable with Limbaugh’s political stances in the last six years.

Cumulus has begun to reach out to radio talent agents looking for replacement talent to fill the airtime left vacant by the two hosts.

Part of the issue may be that Limbaugh had been already considering ending his contract with Cumulus. CEO Lew Dickey blamed the company’s advertising losses on Limbaugh’s remarks about Sandra Fluke and the backlash that occurred after that. The company reported a loss of more than two million dollars in the first quarter of the year.



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