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Gordon Klingenschmitt Admits Marriage Equality Not Hurting His Marriage

Marriage Equality Symbol

Marriage Equality Symbol

As it rapidly becomes clear that same-sex marriage is not leading to problems for straight people’s marriage, those opposed to same-sex marriage are left with the very real issue of their own bigotry, even though they often won’t admit it. This is what happened with retired Navy Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt.

Recently, Klingenschmitt sat down with David Pakman to discuss marriage, and one of the things that he admitted is that the tens thousands of same-sex marriages that have occurred in the last several years across the globe haven’t had an impact on his own arriage.

In the past, Klingenschmitt has used apocalyptic rhetoric to warn against the legalization of marriage between two people of the same sex.

Of course, throughout the interview, Klingenschmitt continued to maintain that God and the church were not dead, but seemed to ignore the fact that there are different interpretations regarding what is and is not the ‘Word of God’.

In the United States, thirteen states have legalized same-sex marriage and several others have domestic partnerships or civil unions. Several states are working towards repealing their bans on same-sex marriage.

The biggest obstacle for Klingenshmitt and his cohorts is the resistance that exists to imposing theocratic thinking on the American people that has sprung up in the last three decades.



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