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Homophobic Catholic Cardinal Accused Of Protecting Pedophile Priest

Vatican City FlagCatholic priest Father Wojciech “Alberto” Gil appears to be on the run after being accused of pedophilia by several families in the Dominican Republic. According to Santiago prosecutor Luisa Liranzo “We cannot get ahead of the investigation since it must be determined whether the priest managed to leave Dominican Republic with another identity, so we have to wait for Immigration to investigate.”

Making matters worse, Gil may have left the country with two minors.

The scandal
threatens to engulf the Catholic Archdiocese of Santo Domingo. Gil was suspended on 30 May, according to the archdiocese. Making matters worse for the archdiocese, the scandal is breaking after Cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez attacked the decision by the United States to appoint an openly gay man to be ambassador to the Carribean nation.

People are wondering how Father Gil may have escaped the country with two children without the help of the Church.

Cardinal Rodriguez
called Ambassador-nominee Wally Brewster a “maricon” or faggot. Cardinal Rodriguez, at a press conference attacking Brewster, was flanked by Catholic Monsignor Pablo Cedano who promised to make life hell for Brewster in order to force the man home. Cedano said “I hope he does not arrive in the country because I know if he comes he is going to suffer and will have to leave.”

Claiming “we don’t despise the person”, Cedano said it was disrespectful of Obama to send “a person of this kind as an ambassador.”

In response
to these attacks and other, Lorena Espinoza of the Feminist Forum stated “These prejudices are absolutely irrational and lead people to ignore the evidence, logic, and justice.”

Other LGBT leaders have attacked the Catholic leaders for their double standard of attacking an openly gay ambassadorial nominee while protecting Father Gil, who is accused of raping up to twelve girls.



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