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Jim DeMint: Women Love Forced Trans-Vaginal Ultrasounds

Jim DeMint

Jim DeMint

LezGetReal has obtained video proof that men love having their testicles crushed by women. Now, now, we won’t hear a word against this theory, after all we have video proof. This is more than Jim DeMint of the Heritage Foundation has of his latest idiotic ramblings.

DeMint decided to take the opportunity of appearing on Meet the Press in order to try and defend laws forcing women to get ultrasounds. The requirement is part of what are called ‘informed consent’ laws, which usually means providing women with a bunch of made up information and then requiring them to see a picture of their fetus before making them wait for twenty-four to forty-eight hours in order to have an abortion.

DeMint claimed that “The more the ultrasounds have become part of the law, where a woman gets the opportunity to see that there’s a real child, it’s beginning to change minds, and I think that’s a good thing. It’s time that the 3,000 babies we lose every day have some people speaking up for them.”

Rachel Maddow, PhD, noted that this wasn’t a case of women wanting to have the ultrasound, but rather that they were forced into having the medically unnecessary medical procedure, and that most women were forced to have trans-vaginal ultrasounds because that is the standard of care these days.

trans-vaginal-ultrasound-prochoice-abortion-ultrasound-trans-politics-1332908652Maddow stated on Meet the Press that “So it’s an invasive vaginal forced procedure that a woman cannot say no to by order of the state government. And that is all right with you. I understand that. You feel that you’ve got an interest strong enough to override a woman’s desire to not have that happen to her that you can insist that it does as a legislator. But most American women I think are going to balk at that.”

DeMint continued to insist that women want the state to force them to have the ultrasound because Maddow is “forgetting about the thousands of women who want an informed choice, who want the opportunity to get a free ultrasound, which they can get not from Planned Parenthood but from a lot of these pregnancy centers.”

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Pregnancy centers are typically businesses set up by the anti-abortion groups in order to try and scare women into not having abortions. They rarely provide the services that DeMint claims that they do. In order to force women to not terminate the pregnancy, they often provide these women with false and misleading information.

Abortions can be curtailed through the use of economic reforms. Giving women stability through equal pay, making sure that women are educated in birth control and in getting pregnant, and providing services that allow women access to healthcare have been shown to lead to reductions in the numbers of abortions. Another thing is taking away the stigma of single parenthood or getting pregnant out of wedlock.

While these draconian laws pushed by the likes of DeMint often lead to women having abortions in back alleys and in their own homes. This is far riskier, of course, but a woman who wants an abortion will often get one.



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4 Responses to Jim DeMint: Women Love Forced Trans-Vaginal Ultrasounds

  1. Adamas

    July 2, 2013 at 2:29 pm

    I have an Idea. Lets straps idiot like this down and have them get a forced Colonoscopy. Getting a camera and an air hose forced up their ass might change their minds about letting people shove foreign objects in other people’s orifices.

    • Herald

      July 2, 2013 at 7:01 pm

      To be a similar experience the colonoscopy would have to be done minus the anesthesia.

    • Adamas

      July 2, 2013 at 8:54 pm

      That was the original idea, But thought that might be too vindictive to put here.

  2. Pat Carbonell

    July 1, 2013 at 9:15 am

    It’s not just women who need to be educated. Teen males need to be taught about birth control and STDs, they need to have cultural values that judge a man’s virility by the number of children he has fathered debunked, and they need to be taught about how having a child totally changes a parent’s life. Boys need to be taught from early childhood to respect girls.

    Child support enforcement needs to get some teeth, such as community service in lieu of child support for unemployed fathers, and jail time for deadbeat fathers. There needs to be cross-jurisdictional coordination of enforcement; moving to another state (or even just to another street) should not mean a man gets “lost” by the system.

    If boys no longer get a free pass on their responsibilities because of their age, they might think twice about refusing to use a condom. If men can no longer evade their responsibilities, they might too. They should not be able to sit in Congress.

    The single greatest force to reduce abortions is education in birth control and the availability of free services (such as implantation of Norplant) and supplies (condoms, birth control pills, etc.), without parental or spousal consent.