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Judge Asked To Void Illinois Marriage Equality Bans

777px-Gay_flag.svgThe American Civil Liberties Union and Lambda Legal have taken the Illinois bans against same-sex marriage to court, and now they have even more grounds upon which to push for the end of them. The two groups have asked that Cook County Circuit Court Judge Sophia Hall void Illinois’ laws defining marriage as being between a man and a woman.

Camilla Taylor
, Marriage Director for Lambda Legal, stated while announcing the new filing “The end of DoMA creates a new urgency and same-sex couples can’t wait any longer.” The two groups filed the initial lawsuit last year.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan and Cook County Clerk David Orr have declined to oppose the lawsuits, but the laws are being defended by clerks from five counties outside of Chicago.

Two of the clerks defending the laws are represented by the Chicago-based Thomas More Society which describes itself as a public interest law firm dedicated to restoring “respect in law for life, marriage and religious liberty.” Of course, by that, they mean by trampling on the religious liberties of anyone who isn’t an evangelical Christian. They have not issued a statement regarding this latest filing.

They have asked that the lawsuits be dismissed. Oral arguments on that are set for 6 August.



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