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Kenneth Miller Appeals Conviction In Parental Abduction Case

Poster re Lisa Miller andisabellaMennonite pastor Kenneth Miller is appealing his convicting in a Vermont court for helping Lisa Miller (no relation) flee to Central America with the daughter she had with her ex-wife Janet Jenkins. Miller continues to maintain that, since the crime was committed in Virginia, he should be tried in Virginia where he would likely get off due to the fact that a jury in Virginia is more likely to be favorable to him than to Jenkins.

Kenneth Miller appealed to the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals in New York.

Kenneth Miller’s attorneys
have made this argument in the past and lost largely based upon the fact that, while the crime was committed in Virginia, the law and the court order that were broken by Kenneth Miller in helping Lisa Miller abduct Isabella Jenkins-Miller were Vermont’s. This gives Vermont jurisdiction over the case, according to the original denial of the move of venue request.

Janet Jenkins was given primary custody of the daughter she and Lisa Miller had during their brief marriage. Lisa Miller fled to Virginia and initially complied with the court’s order granting Jenkins visitation rights to Isabella. However, Lisa Miller’s case was eventually taken up by Liberty Council and the custody battle became bitter at that point.

Eventually, after years of preventing Jenkins from seeing her daughter and defying a court order, Lisa Miller fled with help to Nicaragua where she remains.

Liberty Council and various anti-gay groups tried to make the case a cause celebrete, but failed to do so as most people did not side with Lisa Miller for her antics and for the fact that she endangered critical legislation which help to prevent parental abductions from occurring.



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One Response to Kenneth Miller Appeals Conviction In Parental Abduction Case

  1. RLBaty

    July 25, 2013 at 12:48 pm

    By rule, and by Order of the Court today, the Government has until October 21, 2013 to file its reply brief to Miller’s appeal brief.