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Liberty Counsel’s Barber Claims Child Abuse In Trans-Child Cases

480px-A_TransGender-Symbol_Plain3.svgMatt Barber of Liberty Counsel is incensed over the recent reports of parents teaching their children to be themselves instead of torturing them by forcing them into out-dated gender stereotypes. Barber, who claims to be some kind of pro-family attorney, claimed that this move to allow trans children to grow up as they are instead of forced into gender roles they are uncomfortable with is ”illustrative of the decline of our society when it comes to parental responsibility.”

While Barber focuses on the recent case of six-year-old Tyler, he is talking about far more than that. Tyler was born a girl, christened Kathryn, but has always really been a boy. He chose the name Tyler.

Barber claims that Tyler’s parents are shirking their responsibilities by not forcing him to behave like a girl. He states “In order to be hip and cool and trendy to facilitate this gender confusion and then to even prepare this baby for hormone abuse, to try to stall the onset of puberty, and to pump testosterone into this child, is nothing short of child abuse.”

Barber added to that
“You know, I have three children. They demand lots of things. And I tell them, ‘No,’ and I explain to them why it is not in their best interests to have every demand.”

The problem is, this isn’t about what children demand. It is about what children are. Being trans is not like being a ‘normal’ cis-person. It goes beyond simply wanting to, say, play with dolls. Being trans is not about confusion either except in cases where parents try to force their children into being what they aren’t.

Barber will never understand what it means to be trans and cannot empathize with someone who is trans because he will not get beyond the idea that what is between one’s legs is what someone’s gender is. He earnestly believes in the idea that society should be allowed to mentally destroy people just because they are different.



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One Response to Liberty Counsel’s Barber Claims Child Abuse In Trans-Child Cases

  1. Carol Uren

    July 22, 2013 at 9:30 am

    Maybe Mr. Barber needs to educate himself before spouting such nonsense. No child is pumped full of testosterone (or oestrogens in the case of m2f trans children), they may be given gonadotrophins at puberty. These are not hormones they merely prevent puberty from taking place until the child is 16 or more, when they are of a legal age to decide for themselves how they want to continue.
    Surely it would be far more abusive to force that child to suffer abject depression, suicide ideation and put the child at risk of drug and alcohol abuse – and then when the effects of that puberty have been gone through and the ‘child’ has to resort to expensive, painful and potentially dangerous surgeries to try and reverse the effects of that puberty – that is what is true child abuse Mr. Barber.