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NOM Comm Director Thomas Peters Peeved By Question About Marriage

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The National Organization for Marriage’s Communications Director certainly didn’t want to be interviewed when he had his entire world get crushed by the United States Supreme Court. Thomas Peters was on KABC’s McIntyre in the Morning, which appears to be friendly territory, about to talk about how marriage is supposedly about women popping out as many children as possible even if they can’t have children.

Doug McIntyre, the host of the show, asks Thomas a fair question, and Thomas apparently just loses it.

Peters starts out with the usual “marriage affects children and we have studies that show that children need a mother and a father in order to grow up nice and healthy” and by studies we totally don’t mean the ones by Regnerus or these ones over here that don’t involve same-sex couples at all. Oh, sorry, that is what he means.

McIntyre then replies that he agrees that children need a mother and a father, but then asks about those cases where there aren’t any children in a heterosexual marriage. Peters then tries to, you know, change the subject, and McIntyre points out that gay couples can already adopt in many places, so that whole issue of children has already sailed.

At that point, Peters just starts losing it. This is not what I thought we were going to talk about, is what he largely says. Well shoot. Still, he keeps going by claiming- quite falsely- that the states where same-sex marriage has been passed have forced religious groups to give up their adoption agencies.

In Massachusetts and Illinois, the adoption agencies were not shut down by the state, but were shut down by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in protest of the same-sex marriage laws. In Massachusetts, they were exempt from having to grant adoptions to same-sex couples. In Illinois, they were told they could continue to discriminate if they gave up the money coming in from the government.

Peters then leaves. He can’t stand it, and leaves.

But don’t feel bad, Mr. McIntyre. It’s not every day that someone’s whole world comes crashing down.



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