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One Million Moms Still Won’t Change Channel On “Mistresses”

Mistresses_ABC_2013Not long ago, the Huffington Post ran a piece about how the networks were shifting focus on how they set up their summer television runs in order to make them more like how the British do their seasons. Thus, Mistresses is a short run show by ABC based on a BBC TV show of the same name.

Of course, Mistresses is not a favorite of One Million Moms. Of course, they keep saying things like “ABC’s newest program, ‘Mistresses,’ is like a revamped ‘Desperate Housewives,’ where four friends get themselves tangled in a web of lies and crush the ones they love. Obviously, the name of the show says it all. The name ‘Sinful Lifestyles’ would be equally appropriate, but doesn’t sound as attractive. “

Still, they always seem to be about making sure their supporters know when the show is airing because they point out that information in their little missives.

Of course, they are busy trying to pressure the show’s advertisers over their ‘support’ of the show. Never mind the fact that this isn’t the days when Milton Berle had a show on Television and a show was brought to you specifically by someone and there were, maybe, three or four advertisements on the show. Today, advertisers buy a block of time on the network and the network fits them in. Oh, sure, they can request that their ads not be put on a particular show, but that requires a massive national campaign to happen.

While it worked against Glenn Beck (and Rush Limbaugh on the radio), it hasn’t really worked for One Million Moms even though they declared “Keep up the great work! Almost every single sponsor that One Million Moms contacted in our previous campaign decided to no longer sponsor ‘Mistresses.’ Centrum Silver (Pfizer), Subway, M & M’s (Mars), Lexus and Taco Bell (YUM Brands) have pulled their ads from this provocative ABC program. Their ads were not present in the last two episodes.

Now, yes, some companies will ask to have their ads pulled if they aren’t doing well, but most broadcasters do that anyway. Delta pulled their ads from The Daily Show about a year ago over poor performance.

Now, One Million Moms explains their justification for going after Mistresses by saying:

The tagline for the program is: “Attraction. Passion. Deception. I can’t help it.” Advertisements mention “Endless possibilities,” “Thirteen weeks of s*duction” and “Who have you been doing?” One character even gets involved with another woman. A show full of adultery, cheating and lies is the last influence our country needs. Even though the program airs a little later in the evening, it is not late enough since the bedroom scenes are completely soft p*rn.(An asterisk is used to ensure our emails get through to those who have signed up to receive our alerts. Otherwise, referencing specific words would cause our emails to be blocked by some Internet filters.)

The past episode lost no time in letting viewers know what this show is about. The episode began with a graphic s*x scene, ended with another p*rnographic display and mixed in a few more explicit scenes throughout the rest of the show.

ABC is making a trend out of selling infidelities as normal. Hollywood continually pushes casual s*x with multiple partners as acceptable behavior. One Million Moms is determined to clean up broadcast airwaves.

Of course, some people long ago figured out the best way to handle cleaning up the airwaves- by not turning on the television in the first place. Or better yet, not owning one.



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