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Rep. Bill Johnson (R-OH) Claims All Americans Want “Traditional Marriage”

Flag_of_Ohio.svgWhat is it about anti-gay politicians and advocates that they seem incapable of understanding the difference between freedom of religion and abuse of religion. In one, people respect the various religious beliefs of people even if they do not agree, and the other, you have people like Republican Representative Bill Johnson (OH) who want their religious beliefs forced on other people.

Johnson had something of a meltdown when it came to the recent US Supreme Court decisions regarding same-sex marriage. Never mind the fact that the Republicans often claim to be all about small government and state’s rights except when it comes to women’s uteruses and men boinking men.

Johnson stated in a recent email that “Americans of faith are under attack. First, the President refused to defend the Defense of Marriage Act, despite his legal, constitutional responsibility to do so. Then, liberals on the Supreme Court refused to defend traditional marriage itself, even though that’s what most Americans want. I will defend traditional marriage, because it’s not a government’s job to define it — it was already defined by God.”

Whose God exactly? My Goddess never seemed to have a problem with it. In fact, the laws set down by Brigid regarding marriage appear to have had a lack of gender associated with them in terms of who could marry whom. Admittedly, there were issues of rank within marriage and what a woman or man had to do in order to earn equality within said marriage, but nothing about not marrying members of the same sex. The Greeks recorded several instances of same-sex marriage within the Celtic lands, in fact.

What’s more, the President does not have an automatic responsibility to defend any particular law, and the majority of Americans actually support same-sex marriage today. But, then again, Republicans would refuse to believe that the sky is blue if their religion said it was green.



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One Response to Rep. Bill Johnson (R-OH) Claims All Americans Want “Traditional Marriage”

  1. Elizabeth Johnson

    July 10, 2013 at 11:38 pm

    Traditional or Biblical marriage shall forever be between a Man and a woman. Nothing can ever change that fact.

    However, a CIVIL or Non-Traditional marriage should and could be between two loving individuals regardless of sex.