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Republican Huelskamp: SCOTUS DOMA Decision Legalized Polgamy Too

Tim_HuelskampWe should not be surprised that various anti-gay Republicans and activists are still whining about the fact that the US Supreme Court took down both Prop 8 and a good portion of the Defense of Marriage Act. Thus, it is not surprising to find Representative Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) continuing to complain about it even saying that the Supreme Court Justices who ruled in favor of striking down Prop 8 and DOMA should have flunked law school.

said about Justice Anthony Kennedy’s ruling that “If you’re writing for the left and you’re not gonna follow the Constitution you have to make it up as you go along so you inject name-calling into a constitutional decision, I mean that’s an outrageous decision.”

Apparently, pointing out that the laws were designed to deliberately attack a particular group of people in the nation is name-calling. What’s more, Kennedy actually did follow the Constitution as Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act was a gross overreach of Federal power. Until that point, states had the sole discretion to decide who qualified to get married. The only time the Federal Government decided who could and could not get married was back in the 1800′s, and that law covered territories within the United States, and those are governed more directly by the Feds than the states are.

Huelskamp also said that the ruling on DOMA would effectively prevent laws from barring marriages between mothers and daughters and that “polygamy should be allowed under this decision.”

Huelskamp’s arguments are pretty much the standard fear mongering fodder that the anti-gay Right loves to use. The problem is that, other than consensual polyamorous marriages, the other forms of marriage have major problems with them. Incest, even between mothers and daughters, runs afoul of the issue of abuse of familial power. Humans marrying animals runs into the problem of animals being unable to sign the contracts, or read the contracts, well, unless you happen to be in, say, Family Guy or Bugs Bunny.

And then, of course, Huelskamp goes on to cry “what about the children?!” Perhaps we should form a Children’s Brigade or something. He whines “What’s the impact on our children? That’s what the left doesn’t care about. . .That’s why this is showing up in these decisions that you know what just because two adults or three adults desire one thing that doesn’t mean it’s best for our children.” Here’s that clip:

Of course, Huelskamp seems to be blythely ignorant of the information showing that children are actually hurt by a lack of marital rights for their lesbian or gay parents. The various scientific studies show that children do best if they have two (or more) parents in a committed and loving relationship.

Huelskamp appears to get more and more delusional throughout this interview even claiming that polyamorous marriages are now legal. He then wailed “There’s a real big fiscal impact, we’re going to extend 1,100 benefits to homosexual and polygamous couples, perhaps, what’s the impact on that?”

I think that it’s time that Huelskamp quite Congress. It’s obvious that he’s lost his mind.



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