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Sarah Vowell Replaces The Late David Rakoff On Book Tour

David Rakoff

David Rakoff

Two years ago, author David Rakoff passed away from complications associated with cancer. His latest and last novel, Love, Dishonor, Marry, Die, Cherish, Perish: A Novel, has just come out and his good friend Sarah Vowell is doing his book tour.

Rakoff’s latest book is in rhyming couplets according to John Oliver, who has been sitting in for Jon Stewart while he tours the Middle East spreading fairy dust and comedy wherever he goes.

Prior to his death, Rakoff was described as being a gay, Jewish author from Quebec, Canada. He offered up some interesting insight into a very not-safe-for-work clip embedded in the middle of Oliver’s interview with Vowell.

Both Vowell and Oliver spend some time in the first segment going after each other, though, as Oliver points out, this largely has to do with the fact that the two knew Rakoff and were using humor to kind of deal with the loss even after this length of time.

Here are the segments:



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