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“Teen Wolf” Much Anticipated Gay Kiss Finally Happens

Teen_Wolf_season_2_intertitleWe are counting down the days until One Million Moms has a hissy fit over MTV’s “Teen Wolf” especially since this past Monday, the show got gay…very gay. That is correct, “Teen Wolf” finally saw two of the male characters kiss- namely Danny and Ethan.

The show is now in its third season, and centers around a group of teenage werewolves in rival packs, the hunters who hunt them, and so forth. Think “Twilight” with less vampires, better writers, better actors, and a better plot.

Wait, how is that like “Twilight”?

This past Monday
, Danny (Keahu Kahuanui) and Ethan (Charlie Carver) finally kissed. The two had apparently been flirting for some time, but this time, the teens from rival packs ended up in a haunted hotel and had to share a room.

The show’s creator, Jeff Davis, is openly gay, so maybe this isn’t too surprising, but a lot of series usually play up the tension between characters for a very long time, and even play up the idea that there is lesbian or gay sexual tension between seemingly straight characters such as with Rizzoli & Isles.

Of course, the fact that the show has been going for three years now likely means that One Million Moms isn’t going to bother complaining and demanding that advertisers drop “Teen Wolf” like a radioactive potato. Instead, they are probably going try and get a different show canceled like…well whatever looks weak right now.

“Teen Wolf” is one of several shows aimed at the younger generation which have absolutely no issues with depicting LGBT issues or attractions. The TV show “Pretty Little Liars” drew the ire of some Conservatives for having a lesbian character in the show. It still remains to be seen if, in the end, the show will follow the storyline with Emily and she’ll come out as bisexual instead of lesbian.

Still, go Teen Wolf!

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