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Vitaly Milonov: ‘Anti-Gay Legislation Cannot Be Suspended For Olympics’

The 2014 Olympics Mascots

The 2014 Olympics Mascots

Vitaly Milonov has made it clear that Russia’s anti-gay laws will not be suspended for the 2014 Winter Olympics. The move invites the potential for an international incident long before the Sochi Olympics start. The International Olympic Committee had announced last week that the Russian government was working to make certain that all athletes and spectators attending the Olympics would be safe regardless of their sexuality.

Milonov is the co-sponsor of the Russian law which bans so-called homosexual propaganda. The Putin Administration in Russia has been using anti-gay sentiment in order to divert attention from the problems that currently plague the Eurasian nation.

Milonov stated in one interview that “I haven’t heard any comments from the government of the Russian Federation, but I know that it is acting in accordance with Russian law. And if a law has been approved by the federal legislature and signed by the president, then the government has no right to suspend it. It doesn’t have the authority.” He has also said that he does not knwo of any LGBT athletes and that the law has nothing to do with “the ordinary life of adults”.

In a separate interview, Milonov said “I can say that the best figure-skating in the world is the Soviet school of figure skating. All of our people have been completely traditional — I am personally acquainted with many Olympic champions. In fact I practically grew up in those families.”

Russia has already arrested a Dutch couple under this law, and threatened to arrest various pro-LGBT artists who perform there. Russia is also facing increasing pressure internationally over the law, and especially what it could mean to have nation’s athletes arrested under it. UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has already urged Russia to protect the rights of LGBT citizens saying “Those days should be long behind us now and for those countries and those governments and regimes who don’t see it that way I think they have to move with the times.”

It would be difficult for the IOC to move the Olympics to another city and nation on such short notice, but there are already calls to boycott the Olympics, and a boycott of Russian vodka is already underway in some locales, though it could benefit in the US from calls to boycott vodka over Russia’s decision to help Edward Snowden.

By and large, Russians approve of the attacks on LGBT people in the country even though they serve as a distraction from the horrible economic conditions and rampant corruption found within the populous nation.



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One Response to Vitaly Milonov: ‘Anti-Gay Legislation Cannot Be Suspended For Olympics’

  1. Anders Nelson

    July 30, 2013 at 3:56 pm

    Signing this petition against Milonov and Mizulina is more effective than dumping your vodka. So say all Russian LGBT activists. Sign now!