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Weiner Falls In Polls. Quinn Now Leads For NYC Mayor

Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner

It’s been a handful of days since Anthony Weiner’s schnitzengruben came to light along with some explicit texts and conversations, and the damage may have been done to his political ambitions. 43% of New York Citiers are saying that they want him to leave the race, and those who say that they will vote for him drooped from 25% to 16%.

Prior to yesterday’s NBC4/WSJ/Marist College poll, Weiner was largely tied with City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. The last Marist poll showed Weiner ahead in the polls with 25% and Quinn second with 20%.

In order for a candidate to clearly win the Democratic Primary on 10 September, they must get more than 40% of the vote. If no one passes that threshold, there will be a run off in the first week of October. The winner of the primary is likely to be the next Mayor of New York.

Weiner’s favorable numbers also went south with 55% saying they have an unfavorable impression of the former Congressman and only 30% saying they have a favorable opinion of him.

Weiner has admitted to exchanging explicit emails and photos with up to ten women- three of them, or just under a third, after he was forced out of Congress two years ago.

At least he hasn’t had a negative impact on Eliot Spitzer’s race. The disgraced former Governor is seeking redemption by running to be New York City’s next Comptroller.

Maybe it is for the best that Jon Stewart is away making a movie right now.



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