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As Congress Bolts From DC, Ex-Gay Lobby Day Fizzles

Via Media Matters- looks like more reporters than ex-gays.

Via Media Matters- looks like more reporters than ex-gays.

Tens of thousands of ex-gays…sorry, thousands of ex-gays…no, that’s not right…hundreds of ex-gays…nope, that still isn’t right…tens of ex-gays….er…high single digits of ex-gays? Actually, it looks like around nine, maybe eleven, but at most twelve people showed up for the ex-gay press conference in Washington, at least from the pictures at Media Matters.

Last month was suppose to be ex-gay month, at least according to Christopher Doyle, and 1 August was suppose to be ex-gay lobby day on Capitol Hill. During the lobbying day, members of the ex-gay community were suppose to be lobbying Congress for legal protections for ex-gays. From what persecution, we have yet to hear since ex-gays aren’t exactly persecuted. They may get ridiculed sometimes by people who don’t buy into their brand of propaganda.

Well, Doyle recently talked to American Family Radio’s Sandy Rios about the lobbying effort and confidently proclaimed that there would be thousands of ex-gays descending on Washington to lobby Congress. Doyle, of course, claimed that there are “tens of thousands” of ex-gays in the United States, but they are “in the closet because of fear, shame and threats from gay activists.”

Back when being gay could lead to not just being kicked out of a job, but arrested, the protests lead by Frank Kameny managed to attract more gays and lesbians than this ex-gay protest managed.

Mostly the people who showed up for the event are the same people who make a living selling this snake oil.

Of course, perhaps the ex-gays out in the country are more intelligent then their leadership. 1 August is probably the worst day to try and lobby Congress, especially this year. Today, Members of Congress were busy packing their bags and getting ready to bolt home for the August recess. They probably couldn’t care less about the…ten…people who showed up demanding legal rights for ex-gays even though we haven’t been able to find out what legal rights they are being denied.

Are there people who stop being gay? Well, yes there are. Most of the time, though, they end up figuring out that they’re really just bisexual and have twice the dating pool that the rest of us have. Alright, that is mostly a joke.

Sexuality is incredibly complex in humans, as it is with most apes. Just ask the Bonobos.



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