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Brian Brown Demands Governor Stop NM Marriages

Brian_S._BrownThe National Organization for Marriage’s Brian Brown is not happy right now with what is going on in Dona Ana County, New Mexico. According to Brown “Same-sex ‘marriage’ activists in New Mexico are not content to wait for the courts. Now they have found a county clerk willing to defy the Governor and Attorney General by issuing illegal ‘marriage’ licenses to same-sex couples.”

Brown notes that NM Attorney General King issued a paper saying that, in his opinion, same-sex marriages are illegal in New Mexico despite there not being an explicit ban on them and the law being rather vague about the genders involved. King’s opinion is non-binding, however, and though he said that clerks shouldn’t issue same-sex marriage licenses, it has no force of law.

So, of course, Brown is demanding that the Governor act! And act now!

He writes that “The battle for marriage as God designed has come to The Land of Enchantment; and it’s your turn to stand in the breach. Every person who believes marriage to be the union of one man and one woman needs to contact Governor Martinez, urging her and her administration to give their full support to the defense of marriage.”

He demands that “Governor Martinez needs to do two things: Stop the lawless behavior in Dona Ana County; and Defend the marriage laws of her state in light of Attorney General King’s refusal to do so.”

Except for one thing.

It is kind of hard to defend laws which don’t actually ban the actions that you want stopped. Brown might as well be demanding that Martinez stop people from sitting on park benches because that isn’t going to really fly very well since there’s no law banning the sitting upon of park benches.



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