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Conservative Media’s Distorted View Of Trans Women On Display

480px-A_TransGender-Symbol_Plain3.svgConservative media has no idea what trans women look like. This much has long been apparent, but Dan Joseph sunk to new lows with his attempt recently to scare people over the idea of trans people being allowed to use the gender-appropriate bathrooms.

Conservatives have been ballistic about the idea that trans students would be allowed to use the correct bathrooms that they have been going to all kinds of lengths to claim that boys will be sneaking into girls’ bathrooms in order to engage in inappropriate behavior, according to Media Matters.

Dan Joseph decided to prove that for Media Research Center. He posed as a ‘transgender female’ and asked a woman if she would be comfortable with him using the same restroom as she does.

Here is the exchange:

JOSEPH: Excuse me. Are you going into the locker room?


JOSEPH: My name is Dan. I’m a transgender. So that means I have the man parts but inside I feel more like a woman. I was just wondering, is it okay if I go in there with you in there and change and shower and stuff? Just because I don’t really feel, like, comfortable in the men’s area. It’s just weird. Is that okay with you?

You will notice that Joseph isn’t wearing breastforms, nor has he shaved his goatee (which just adds to the creepiness), nor does he wear women’s clothing or makeup.

Alright, here’s the thing, even butch trans women tend to wear breastforms if they do not have breasts, have feminine voices, and shave their faces at the very least. Wearing women’s clothing can be a debatable thing since many cis-women wear men’s clothing too. Some trans women do not get rid of all of their male clothing when they transition. Hey, a t-shirt is a t-shirt. As for makeup, well, not all women wear makeup.

Still, Joseph could have made some kind of attempt to act the part. For that matter, he could have said ‘my name is Danni’.

Oh, and trans women do not usually refer to themselves as trans women or a transgendered. And, as Media Matters notes “And they certainly don’t stand outside of women’s restrooms announcing themselves and asking passerbys for permission to ‘go in there… and change and shower and stuff.’”

Joseph’s goal, of course, is to depict trans women as men who want to go in and sneak a peak at women in the bathroom or in the locker room. He even claimed that “You mean like a guy who just wants to see some naked chicks going, ‘oh I’m transgendered, I need to go to the girls’ locker room.’ I mean, that’s what I would do.”

Yep, that’s what you would do, but not what a transsexual would do.

By-and-large, trans women are straight. That is, the sight of a woman’s naked body isn’t going to get them riled up and excited. In fact, most trans women (somewhere between 70% and 85%) are sexually attracted to men. The remainder tend to be attracted to women and identify as lesbians.

Joseph is among the many male commentators who cannot grasp the idea that there are people born with male genitalia, assigned to be male at birth, and who identify as female. To them, the idea is preposterous because they love being male. What is more, they perpetuate this idea that having a penis is the same as being male.

Presenting one’s self as a woman is not as easy as changing one’s voice or walking around in women’s clothing. In order to successfully pass as a woman, it takes moving like a woman, sounding like a woman, and looking like a woman.

There are cis-women out there with full beards that no one would dare say are anything other than women because they radiate an aura of being a woman.

By and large, trans women are hard to spot. There are certain signs which, if you know what you are looking for, give it away, but the reality is that being trans is about far more than dressing up in clothes. This is because trans women are female of gender and trans men are male of gender.

And while there are dozens of incidents of transsexuals being molested and abused by people who already knew they were trans while using the correct bathrooms, not a single incident of a man posing as a woman to use the women’s bathroom or locker room has ever surfaced.



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