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Donors Departing OS-SLDN Over Infighting, Lack Of Trans Equality

DollarsIt looks like OutServe-SLDN have gone into major damage control mode with donors, at least according to an email obtained by LezGetReal. This especially seems to be the case following the launch of SPART*A, a new LGBT service member’s advocacy group.  SPART*A appears poised to hurt OS-SLDN in the long run.

SPART*A (Service Members, Partners, Allies for Respect and Tolerance for All ) appears to be especially directed at obtaining trans equality within the military. This is something that OS-SLDN has been lacking.

The email sent to one of OS-SLDN’s donors even noted that the organization continues “to be committed to achieving trans equality” despite a dearth of action on behalf of trans people who want to serve and transition openly in the military. In fact, repeated requests of OS-SLDN for any information regarding their efforts to ensure trans equality in the services have gone unanswered.

The letter to the donor urges the donor to be parts of both OS-SLDN and SPART*A. While the email claims that “We as LGBT military members are more likely to achieve success the more organizations (and people) are successfully rallied to this cause,” the email does not include any additional information regarding what the group is doing to obtain that equality.

That donor had not terminated their donation to OS-SLDN, but others had. The email shows several others who, disgusted by either the recent infighting among the member of OS-SLDN or the lack of progress on trans equality, have asked that their donations to the group be terminated. The donor who was the primary recipient of that email, though, did note that he wanted to change the amount he was donating to OS-SLDN.

This is the latest bad news for OS-SLDN as they struggle to keep themselves from total collapse after the departure of many high profile members and the he-said-she-said back and forth that occurred in recent months after the ouster of OS-SLDN Executive Director Reverend Allyson Robinson and allegations of transphobia among the board.



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