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Ex-Gay Shill Christopher Doyle Demands Exodus Apologize For Ruining Scam

The logo of the now defunct ex-gay group.

The logo of the now defunct ex-gay group.

Two years ago, Christopher Doyle apparently “offered an apology to members of the homosexual community for insensitive remarks I made in the past.” From there, he goes on to offer some more insensitive remarks to the ‘homosexual community’.

Doyle is
, basically, demanding an apology from Alan Chambers, the former head of Exodus International because Chambers pretty much ruined the ex-gay scam by noting he knows of no one who has ever been converted from being gay to being straight.

In his apology demand, Doyle writes that “To be fair, many in the Christian community have historically misunderstood same-sex attraction (SSA). Instead of recognizing the complexity of homosexuality from a scientific perspective (along with a spiritual view), they have offered simplistic notions of deliverance, with little to no practical solutions for those who struggle with these feelings.”

The easiest and fastest way to deal with those who struggle with “these feelings” is to accept that God said nothing about homosexuality, and stop using the handful of passages in the Bible that appear to condemn homosexuality as being outright condemnation for homosexuality. After all, many of the things said in the Bible are taken rather loosely as we no longer really have a prohibition on the consuming of pork or the wearing of clothes made of two types of cloth.

Doyle continues to cling to his fantasies by claiming that “I still believe that homosexuality is not in-born, and that for some, including myself, real change is possible. While I believe God can perform miracles and transform anyone He chooses, I know that He equips counselors, therapists, and ministers with the knowledge to help individuals resolve the issues that lead to the development of SSA.”

Even Sigmund Freud acknowledged that there was no effective way to make someone who is same-sex attracted become opposite-sex attracted unless they happen to be innately bisexual. As Doyle goes on he claims that “not everyone who experiences unwanted SSA and seeks change is successful.”

If Doyle’s attempt to lobby Congress to get people from telling the truth about the ineffectiveness of ex-gay therapy, and the fact that it is incredibly harmful is any indication, no one is ever changed by ex-gay therapy. In fact, Doyle and his fellow ex-gay pushers have never been able to provide a single example of someone who changed their sexual orientation through these means.

Protesting Ex-Gay Therapy

Protesting Ex-Gay Therapy

Doyle, of course, whines that “In preparation for their closure in late July, the leadership of Exodus embarked on a global apology tour. First, with their President Alan Chambers’ appearance on ‘Our America’ with Lisa Ling to say he’s sorry to several participants who felt they were harmed by the work of Exodus. Next, with several visits to churches and Christian universities across the United States. And most recently, before officially closing their doors, their Vice President offered yet another apology to gays, while at the same time, throwing some ex-gay leaders under the bus.”

And goes on to say “While I believe the apologies are sincere are well-meaning, some of these statements, specifically their condemnation of the work of ex-gay leaders, both within and outside the Exodus International umbrella, are inappropriate and ill-advised. In short, while attempting to right some wrongs for members of the gay community they hurt, the Exodus leadership is ‘throwing the baby out with the bathwater’ when it comes to ex-gays.”

Doyle goes on to demand that the Exodus International board of directors sign the apology letter he has written for them. The problem with it? It’s pretty much the usual run of “OMG! You’ve told the world we’re a bunch of con artists!” In the end, the letter is meaningless since the board of directors of Exodus International no longer exists. Exodus International no longer exists.

Doyle and his purveyors of ex-gay therapy have yet to provide so much as a single shred of evidence that the therapy they claim works actually does. To date, they have offered up a variety of rationalizations, and claimed that there are thousands of ex-gays in the country. The problem is, there are, according to the data gathered by various impartial researchers, at least 22,500,000 lesbians and gays in the country. When one ads in the number of bisexuals, that number probably rises to at least 30,000,000.

If the last lobby day was any indication, the number of ex-gays in the country is about 10.

We’ll be generous, maybe 100.



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