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Ex-Gay Talking Points Claim Curing Gayness Prevents AIDS, Suicide

US_Congressional_Seal.svg“Ex-Gay Pride” month really panned out…er washed out…er never happened. Never mind that. Members of the ex-gay ‘advocacy’ group PFOX have been up on Capitol Hill asking for protections for ex-gays. Given the fact that they have yet to provide anyone with actual proof that they are being persecuted, this is going to be a tough sell. Well, except to the Republicans, who will buy into just about anything so long as it’s anti-gay-y enough.

Well, these PFOX lobbyists are out there with their usual run of talking points including claims that ex-gay therapy works, and that it saves gay men from AIDS and suicide:

Coming out of the closet as ex-gay or an ex-gay supporter will affect others because everyone has a family. But the alternative is worse – to stay in the closet and hide your light under a basket; to refuse to be the salt of this earth to others who are struggling in secret and think they’re the only ones who have this problem; to leave our comfort zone and take up the cross (coming out can be a sacrifice, no doubt about it); to have the courage to speak the truth even though we tremble. No one said it was going to be easy, but the alternative is worse because silence is death. How many gay men would still be alive today if someone had told them that there was a way out of homosexuality? AIDS and suicide took them away from us. It is up to each and every one of us to educate ourselves, our families, our politicians, our community, and our churches on the ex-gay issue. The more we talk about it the less shocked they and society will become, and healing will finally take place.

Those promoting ex-gay therapy never manage to actually produce more than a handful of people who were ‘cured’ of being gay, and by and large, those people tend to be the people over and over again. This talking point also ignores the fact that the majority of people who were lost to AIDS and suicide did so not because there ‘was a way out’ of being gay, but rather because of the stigma attached to being gay by groups like PFOX.

In addition to that, apparently PFOX’s talking points lack anything like reality or substance. While their leader, Christopher Doyle, claims “We want federal protection just as gays are given”, the group provides no explanation of how ex-gays are targeted by the government or any businesses. Yes, societally speaking, ex-gays get rather thoroughly mocked and yes, there is a move to ban forcing children into harmful ex-gay therapy, but what rights are they being denied.

Maybe part of the problem is that there are so few ex-gays. While LGBT people make up approximately 10 to 15% of the population of the United States, ex-gays seem to make up approximately 0.000000034% of the nation’s population. And that is being generous. Doyle loves to claim that there are thousands of ex-gays who are “just too afraid to identify themselves” due to LGBT harassment, but so far, there seem to be only about 100 or so actual ex-gays out there, and almost all of them are the people profiting from it.

What’s more, the numbers keep dwindling as men like Alan Chambers of the now defunct Exodus International admit that ex-gay therapy doesn’t work and that they aren’t actually ex-gay, but rather behaving in opposition to their nature.

By and large, the ex-gay ‘movement’ and even the LGBT Community are guilty of ignoring some very key facts about human sexuality such as the fact that sexuality is very complex. For some people, sexuality is incredibly fixed and immutable (Neil Patrick Harris) while for others, it can be fluid and changing over time (Meredith Baxter). It also ignores degrees of sexuality. Some are flat out homosexual (Ellen DeGeneres, Adam Lambert), bisexual-leaning-homosexual (Cynthia Nixon), flat out bisexual (Lady Gaga, Billie Joe Armstrong), bisexual-leaning-heterosexual (Gillian Anderson), or straight (Scarlett Johansson, Hugh Jackman). Then there’s pansexuality, and the various degrees of romantic nature.

Thus, is the problem with the Promethean Society. A box for everyone and everyone in a box.



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